Roman Shades

Learn more about the care, operation, product information, and how to troubleshoot potential problems with roman shades.

Care & Cleaning

Dust your shades regularly using an ordinary soft, clean cloth, dust cloth or mitt, feather-like duster, or cylindrical dust brush specially designed for shades.

For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment.

Use a can of compressed air or a handheld hair dryer on the COOL setting to blow off dust and debris.

Professional cleaning is recommended for all Fabric Roman Shades. A professional drapery cleaner may be found in the yellow pages or on the internet.


Standard Corded

Pull the cord down and toward the left of the shade to unlock the cordlock, then let the cord slip slowly through your fingers until the shade reaches the desired position. To lock the shade into position, pull the cord sharply to the right of the shade and release.

NOTE: Do not try to raise the shade any higher than it was intended to go. If the shade binds, check the cord alignment to ensure that the cords are not jamming.

Continuous Cord Loop Shades

Pull gently on the front or back of the cord loop to lift or lower the shade to the desired position. Do not try to raise the shade any higher than it was intended to go. If the shade level becomes uneven, lower the shade completely to realign the shade lift cords.

Always use the control ring to operate your shade. Never pull on the hem to operate your shade.


A shade may become stuck in the down position if pulled with excessive force. To release if locked in the down position: If the adjustment wheel is on the LEFT, turn it 1/4 of a turn toward you and down. If the adjustment wheel is on the RIGHT, turn it 1/4 of a turn away from you and up.

Like every fabric treatment, a brand new Horizons window fashion right out of the box may have wrinkles. Many of the wrinkles will simply hang out after a few days. However, for best results, we recommend steaming your shade once it is installed. If a steamer is unavailable, a standard iron with a steam button will work as well. Part of the beauty of a fabric shade is the folding of the pleats. Often, a pleat on a new shade will fold in an unusual way. Once the shade is raised, a little dressing of the pleats (pulling them into the desired position) may be necessary.

The tension of your shade can be adjusted to make it go up faster or slower with the white adjustment wheel at the end of the drive tube.

  1. Raise the shade fully to the top.
  2. Grasp the tube on the opposite side from the wheel making sure it does not rotate.
  3. Referring to the pictures below, turn the white ribbed wheel in the direction of the arrow one full rotation.

  4. Test the shade. Repeat if necessary.

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