Faux Wood Blinds

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Care & Cleaning

Dust your blinds regularly using an ordinary soft, clean cloth, chemically-treated dust cloth or mitt, feather-like duster, or cylindrical dust brush specially designed for blinds.

For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment.

Use a can of compressed air or a handheld hair dryer on the COOL setting to blow off dust and debris.

Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water and mild detergent if needed. DO NOT use hot water. Place toweling on the floor or sill and wipe the blind in sections.


standard blinds

After the blind is installed, tilt it open, then raise and lower it several times. This will allow the cords and slats to align themselves.

Pull down on either one of the tilt cords or twist the tilt wand until slats reach the desired position.

Ensure slats are in the open position, then pull the lift cord downward until the blind reaches the desired height. Release the cord and the blind will automatically lock into place.

Gently pull the cord toward the center of the blind until the lock releases. Let the cord slip slowly through your fingers until the blind reaches the desired height. Move the cord toward the outside of the blind and release. The blind will automatically lock into place.

Cordless blinds

Pull on one of two tilt cords to rotate slats forwards or backwards. Or rotate the wand tilter (if ordered) to rotate slats forwards and backwards.

Tilt the slats to the open position (flat and parallel to headrail). Hold the center portion of the bottom rail to ensure level movement. Lower the blind by gently pulling downward to the desired position. Raise the blind by gently pushing upward to the desired position.


The cord connector, or stop ball, is a child safety device designed to come apart with moderate force. Reinsert any loose cords into the top notches of the cord stop. There is a notch on each side. Line up the right and left sides of the cord stop and snap the pieces back together.

For blinds made in 2019 and AFTER

For blinds made in 2018 and BEFORE

Remove valance by pulling gently to release the magnets holding the valance on. Lift up on the latch at each end and pull the blind out of the brackets.

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