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Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades, made from specially selected jute, bamboo, grasses or reeds, can add the perfect touch to any space in your home.  Whether your style is modern, classic, or a little eclectic, read on to find out how woven wood shades can work for you.

1.) Color


Woven wood shades are available in a variety of colors depending on which wood product you use.  From light jute shades to dark walnut wood, and anything in between, the natural materials of woven wood shades can compliment any room.  As an added bonus, because these are made from real sourced wood materials, each shade will have its own neat characteristics.  Individual fibers, knots from the wood, and color variations down each piece of material mean each shade is unique.

2.) Material

All materials used to make woven wood shades are natural fibers and come from renewable sources.  Because these shades are made from organic naturally sourced plants, each one has its own interesting pattern and subtle design.  Jute, Reeds, Bamboo, Walnut, and Grasses are all used to create these intricate and beautiful shades.

3 .) Weave

The amount of light that your woven wood shades will allow into your home depends on how tightly the fibers are woven.  For a room that you want to be a little brighter, choose a loose weave that will provide privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light to diffuse into your space.  For a room that would like to keep darker such as a bedroom, pick a tighter weave.  You can also add room darkening backings to your woven wood shades to help completely eliminate light from entering your space.

4.) Style


Woven wood shades can be styled in a variety of different ways.  They can be styled with a valance or without, as a bi-fold shade or a room lengthening vertical shade.  These can be treated like any other fabric and styled to fit exactly what you have in mind. Top down bottom up shades are having a big moment right now, and you can achieve the same look with a nice room warming wood shade.

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