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Window Fashions for the Coming Fall

We know that so many people are huge fans of the summer, but you’re out of your mind if you aren’t a fan of fall. The cooler weather, and long awaited drop in humidity, that we get to enjoy here in Indianapolis make it one of our favorite seasons here at Zinga’s Home Solutions. Now that August has begun, we can’t help but start thinking about a few of the things that will be popular this coming fall. We’re going to go through and cover a few of the window fashions that will be popular this coming fall.

Custom Treatments

Fall is a time of the year where you get rid of the old, and bring in the new. Sure the blinds or curtains that you’ve had up were enough to get by this summer, maybe save you a little bit extra on your energy bill. However, this fall is all about custom window treatments. Whether you’re someone that likes curtains, blinds, or shutters, invest in a company that can custom fit them to your windows and make your space one that is entirely your own. At Zinga’s Home Solutions, we bring the showroom to you. In doing so, not only are you able to get a feel for each of the window treatments that you’re interested in, you also get to work with a professional to create a look that is all your own. If you’re someone that loves having a unique and personal flair in their home, then this is probably going to be your favorite trend this fall. Along with that, new window treatments means that you can have a little fun with the rest of the room. Spruce up your decor, maybe a new color of paint. Whatever you decide, this is a great way to not only enjoy one of the major trends, but also get rid of the old and start something fresh.

Motorized Window Treatments

Over the years we’ve seen some of the incredible ways that technology has improved the way we get things done. While some may have felt that technology and window treatments would never cross paths, the truth is that they have and it’s one of the greatest things we’ve seen! Motorized window treatments are another fall fashion trend and it’s one that makes a world of difference when you’ve got high windows or a lot of windows. With a handy remote and reliable technology, you can enjoy easy control throughout your house. This has primarily been a huge hit for people that do have windows that are tricky to control. If you have windows that are higher up, where you can’t exactly use a drawstring, then you know how big of a pain this situation can be. Out with the old, in with the new. Add some of these incredible window treatments to your home, and you’ll be able to enjoy the ease of control throughout your house, regardless of how high the windows are or how many windows you have in your home.

Thick Fabrics

Fall seems to love the thicker fabrics. Whether it be the sweaters that you’re unpacking or the blankets that you’re wrapped up in, there’s something extremely comforting about these types of materials. When it comes to window treatments, thicker materials are also becoming a very popular option. There are a few reasons that we’ve seen this become such a popular trend, and we’re going to cover the top two. The first one that we’re going to cover is energy efficiency. This is something that we work on obtaining throughout the year, and not just in the fall. Thicker window treatments are fantastic when you’re trying to save energy because they provide a thicker barrier between the window and the interior of your home. They also fall right into the standard feel and theme of fall. The second reason that they are such a great trend is that materials that are thicker will usually have a texture to them. When you add these types of treatments to your home, you not only take care of the treatments that you’re putting up, but you add some texture to your space which can give it an entirely different look.

Bold Colors

The summer and spring seasons are both known for their vibrant and bright colors. Spring offers a variety of pastels that make their way out into the decor of your home, while summer has tons of bright colors that are warm. Fall is no different in that they have bold colors that are great to incorporate into your decor. While they aren’t the brightest of colors, they are definitely bold. Fall is known for mustard yellow, dark reds, rich browns, and some beautiful navy blues and forest greens. All of these colors are easy to incorporate into your home decor, but they also make for fantastic counter colors to add to any space. If you do have a pretty standard color throughout your home, let’s say an off white or beige, adding these colors in their richest and boldest of forms can really add an impressive touch to your space. You won’t be able to get every single window treatment in some of these colors, but there are a few different options that you’ll be able to look through as you go through the selection process. If you choose to enjoy high-quality shutters, a rich wood might be a perfect choice, while burgundy curtains could be the finishing touch to your living room. Regardless of what it is, we’ll do our best to find the treatments and colors that work best for your space.

Double Up

The same way that we like to layer up in the fall, we love being able to layer up our window treatments. This is something that we love to do throughout the year, regardless, but with the thicker fabrics that are used in some of those window treatments, this is a perfect trend to incorporate into your home. Whether you choose to add the rich brown shutters with a pair of mustard yellow curtains, or some cellular blinds with thick curtains to continue to make the most of the lighting, you can guarantee that this will be a look you love. If you’ve never tried a look like this before, definitely have the professional that goes out to your home show you what your space could look like. Once people have seen what their space could potentially be, they immediately fall in love with the combination and it usually sticks around for longer than just that season. The seasons are really just beginning, which means that there will be plenty of other trends that are sure to pop up in the up and coming months. You can count on our team to be on top of them and share them with you as soon as possible through the blog. Regardless of the season, the window treatment that you’re interested in, or the windows that you need covering, Zinga’s Home Solutions will always have you taken care of. Call our office today and we would love to schedule a time for our team to come out to your home and give you a full consultation on window treatments in your home. Don’t wait any longer, call us today and we’ll get your appointment scheduled.

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