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Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Inevitably there are spaces in every home that don’t receive as much natural light as others, and if not decorated properly can begin to feel more like a cave than a space you want to spend time in.  We’ve compiled a list of room brightening tips to help you maximize the light in your home.

Choose Paint Colors Accordingly

One of the first ways to brighten up a room in your house is with the paint colors you choose for the walls and ceiling.  While white might seem like the obvious choice, it is not the only option.  Bright accent walls or with the right lighting vivid fun colors paired with white or light-colored furniture can also make a room appear lighter.

Start with Whites and Metallics

White furniture, accessories, artwork and furniture will all make a big impact on a dark space and add a bit of a punch of illumination. Light accessories reflect light rather than absorbing it, helping to brighten your entire room. Metallics such as silver, gold, and bronze also have the same reflective quality. These hues don’t absorb light, but rather bounce it around the room and back to your eye.

Anchor the Room with a Bright Rug

Never underestimate the impact of an area rug when trying to make a room appear to have more light.  Especially if you have dark flooring, a brightly colored rug – from bold patterns to solid white – can make your room appear much lighter.  Make sure the rug fills the room and takes up enough space to draw the eye so the brightness is one of the first things one notices.

Use Mirrors and Lighting to Your Advantage

Mirrors and lighting can make a huge difference in a room that lacks lighting.  Mirrors bounce light around a room instantly making it appear brighter. To maximize this effect, you’ll want to make sure the mirrors you choose are large and with light or bright borders.  Choosing the correct lighting is also key. Bulbs with a blue incandescence more closely mirror natural lighting and will help brighten your space.  Floor lamps and chandeliers are great accessories for any room, and all light is good light, but to really make a room appear brighter wall sconces that shine light both up and down a wall will make a big impact.

Contrast with Black

While it might seem counterintuitive, pops of black or other dark colors will make a room appear brighter.  The dark colors will help make the light colors and whites in your room “pop” and appear brighter by contrast. When choosing dark elements stick to thin, streamlined elements rather than heavy furniture and décor.

Be Mindful of Your Window Coverings

If you have a room that is lacking in light, you don’t want to add window coverings that will block even more light.  Sheer drapes and shades in a varying tones of white or bright colors do a great job of allowing light in.  You may have to get creative, like with the contrasting bi-fold shutters in the above picture.  Avoid heavy drapes and fussy window coverings that will block light or draw your eye away from the light. But, above all make peace with the fact that some shadows and darkness are an inevitable part of any space, and enjoy your home.

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