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Top Five Window Treatment Mistakes

Window treatments are a big investment and add the finishing touch to any room in your home. We want to help you make the best choice for window treatments do you don’t make these top five window covering mistakes in your home.

1. Too Many Different Styles in One Space

While it’s ok to vary the different types of window coverings across the space of your home, you’ll want to make sure there is some cohesion to the design styles/colors of the window treatments you have chosen. Choosing the same faux wood material for both shutters and faux wood blinds, for example, will make them feel unified even though they are different.

2. Not Considering Curb Appeal

Similar to the above, having several different materials and colors of windows showing from the outside of your home can jeopardize some of your curb appeal.  If you really want bamboo shades in your office and room darkening shades in the bedroom next door, consider making sure your designer puts matching white backing on them.

3. Improperly Fitting Window Treatments

Nothing ruins the appeal of a room like ill fitting window treatments.  Drapery should hang as close to the ceiling as possible to help a room appear taller, it should also allow a window to be fully exposed when opened. Similarly blinds that hang to low or shutters without the proper trim will look unfinished and sloppy.  Our design consultants can help you get the perfect fit every time.

4. Not Considering Functionality

While you want your window treatments to beautifully compliment your room, you also need to consider the functionality of them.  If you have a room that needs airflow, you’ll want plantation shutters or faux wood blinds rather than double backed roller shades. If on the other hand you need room darkening capabilities for a sleepy child, double backed roller shades would be a perfect choice.

5. Clashing Window Coverings with Décor

With so many different styles of home décor, it’s imperative to consider your decorating style with your window treatments.  Bamboo blinds and colorful shutters pair perfectly with boho home styles while white and natural wood plantation shutters complement farmhouse and coastal styles flawlessly.

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