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Top 7 Priorities When Moving into a New Home

As your move-in day approaches we wanted to share from our experience of working with thousands of new homeowners what their top priorities are the first day they are moving into their home. We hope these will help you make your transition to your new home easier. 1. Privacy  – a good night’s sleep is key and window coverings ensure this happens on Day 1.  Many homeowners try not to take days off work so getting sleep and back to work quickly after the move is important.  Blinds can keep the light out and give your family privacy so you can take showers and change clothes and not be in a FISH BOWL. 2. Wireless Internet and TVs Working – Since we are all so connected to technology these days, being without your wireless network can create stress…especially if you are working out of the house or if the kids need internet for school.  And don’t forget about the need to watch TV while unpacking boxes. Hooking up all your existing technology and adding new technology to your house can suck away hours of time.  Zinga’s can take care of this quicker than most husbands. 3. Make sure Furniture Fits – 100% of new homeowners  purchase new furniture or accessories.  Make sure you don’t move the old furniture to your new house that you are getting rid of.  Plan ahead if possible and purchase new furniture.  Most furniture companies will hold the furniture and deliver the day you move in.  Make sure it will fit so you have enough space to move around and not feel cluttered. 4. Water Softener and Drinking Water – Indiana has some of the hardest water and most of us are use to soft water.  Make sure your water softener and reverse osmosis is set up the first day.  Having soft water protects all your new appliances.  Did you know with Indiana’s hard water it can take only 3-4 years to ruin your hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machines, and plumbing fixtures.  Protect your new investment as soon as possible. 5. Utilities – Make sure everything is put in your name and the electricity, gas, water and cable/internet is hooked up. 6. Home Insurance – This item tends to get forgotten about since it is not tangible and we hope to never have to use it.  Don’t procrastinate because if something in your new house is not installed or constructed properly, the damage will happen in the first 30 days.  (Leaking room, leaking pipe, wiring not correct). Zinga’s is here to help you in many of these areas. Remember for Window Coverings you need have your appointment with us 4-6 weeks before your house closes. We will meet you at your home while it’s being built! To setup an appointment give us a call at 317-647-3181.

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