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Tips For Measuring Your Blinds

Window measurements are one of the most important parts of buying new window treatments, which makes it something that you should feel comfortable doing before you stop in to place your window treatment order. Since these treatments do become quite the investment, we want to make sure that we can do anything in our power to provide you with the knowledge that you need to come in prepared, and that includes having your window treatments. Today we are going to go over a few tips that can help ensure that you are getting the correct measurements for your blinds. Below are a few of the things to take into consideration when taking measurements, but we can definitely help you with further information if you need it.

Keep it Exact

As we mentioned, this is a pretty important process, so you’re going to want to make sure that you’re exact. This means that you need to be measuring the exact width and height of the window. If there are sides that are bigger than others because of the construction of your window, then you want to make sure you make note of which measurement is which. This is best when paired with a piece of paper that has a top, bottom, and middle written down. By writing this all down, there’s very little room for confusion once we do start to get to the ordering process of your blinds.

Inside & Out

As you take your measurements, you’re going to want to take the measurements of the inside of your window as well as the outside of the window. Now, this will primarily depend on where your windows are mounted. If you have windows that are mounted on the inside, then you are going to want to measure them on the inside, while windows that are mounted on the outside will require the overall width and height of the window. Because of the ways that these windows are created, the window coverings that you choose for them will fit different and the measurements that you provide us will determine that. The last thing that you want are blinds that fit outside of your window when you have an inside-mounted window.

Don’t Measure Diagonal

One of the most common misconceptions is that you need to take measurements for the diagonal length of the window.While this measurement is something to consider when you are ordering new windows, that’s simply not the case for blinds. This number won’t be used in any way because we will already have the height and width of the window when you come in with the treatment, and that will be plenty to help us get an accurate sizing on your window coverings. Zinga’s Home Solutions has years of experience working with window treatments, and we are excited to work with you on finding you the right pair. Whether you’re hoping to have these measurements completed before we stop by, or you’re going to leave it up to us to finish the measurements, understanding what part of the window is going to be measured for window coverings can provide you with an idea of what to expect when the coverings are installed in the space. 

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