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Tips for Combining Different Window Covering Styles

If you’ve kept up with our blog then you know that the team at Zinga’s Home Solutions are big fans of pairing different types of window coverings. We’ve talked about a few of the ways that you can utilize light while still adding in texture and improve efficiency while still having the treatments that you like. In our post today we’re going to go over a few tips that can help you find the perfect pairing for the look of your home, but also for the needs that you have when it comes to window coverings.

Plantation Shutters & Drapes

It’s a look that we see used more and more frequently, and it’s hard to question why when you see how incredible this duo looks together. What makes this combination so incredible is the amount of control that it gives the homeowner in regards to their lighting. Aside from that, the combination is a great one to make if privacy is one of your main concerns. The plantation shutter style is great all sizes of windows but is one that is incredibly efficient for larger windows that you don’t want to have blinds on. They provide tons of privacy and look incredible side by side without having to take away too much natural lighting in the space. Now, the drapes. These are perfect for an aesthetic touch as well as additional control of light and privacy. You can use the drapes as an opportunity to add texture, prints and color pop to your space.

Vertical Blinds with A Valance

If you have a screen door or window that you plan on adding vertical blinds to, you may have thought that there weren’t any pairings that you could take advantage with this form of window covering, but there are! One of our favorite ways to boost the aesthetic of your vertical blinds is by adding a valance to the top. These aren’t as common as they once were, but they’re definitely making an appearance again and we can’t get over how incredible it looks. If you love the privacy and control that vertical blinds provide, then the next thing you’re looking for is really just tied to aesthetic, and that’s where the valance comes in. You can choose a variety of materials, textures, colors and prints so that your valance adds to your design and compliments the rest of the room. If you have curtains or drapes in the room, try and find a valance that matches so the entire room is cohesive. These are only two of the pairings that we’ve seen done in homes, but they surely aren’t the only ones. One of our favorite parts about bringing the variety of window covering options that we have, straight to your home, is that we can play around with combinations to see what stylings and designs you like the best. Call Zinga’s Home Solutions so that we can schedule a time for a member of our team to stop by and work with you on your window coverings.

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