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The Perfect Window Coverings to Match Any Decorating Style

At Zinga’s we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of window coverings in a wide variety of materials and styles.  One of the biggest questions customers have when trying to outfit their space is, “What window treatments would best compliment my room?” No matter what your decorating style, we have an option for you. Some of the most popular decorating styles include Bohemian, Farmhouse, Traditional, Modern/Contemporary, Industrial, and Coastal; though many rooms are usually a combination of styles and can, therefore, benefit from a number of different styles of window treatments.  Read on below for a few of our suggestions to help you achieve the look that’s perfect for you.
  1. Bohemian
Bohemian style is bright, free flowing, and eclectic.  It is characterized by lively colors, unique accent pieces, and cozy furnishings.  There really are no rules when decorating your home in a bohemian style, as the style is all about free expression – which is unique to each decorator. This style features rooms that are visually interesting, yet tend to be relaxed inviting spaces that beckon you to sit down. Bohemian rooms pair well with woven wood blinds, and bright jewel toned drapery. Layer these pieces together for an extra boho chic vibe. Custom shutters in a bright color also compliment these fun, well-loved spaces! At Zinga’s, we can match the color of your shutters to any Sherwin Williams paint or stain color. (pinterest.com, citymag.co, badt.us)
  1. Farmhouse
Farmhouse Style is having a huge moment due in large part to HGTV shows such as Fixer Upper and Love It or List It.  This style is characterized by warm elements that provide lots of charm as well as function. This style mixes streamlined furniture with age worn, rustic pieces. Shabby Chic paint jobs, and reclaimed barn wood lend a classic but not uptight look to the space, and breezy low maintenance linens make the space feel cozy and comfortable without feeling cluttered. The goal of a Farmhouse decorating style is to repurpose antiques in combination with big comfortable furniture to create an inviting and non-fussy space. Farmhouse style is perfectly complimented by roman shades and draperies in cotton and linen fabrics, as well as white or light wood shutters, and light colored faux wood blinds. (images from foxhollowcottage.com, homebnc.com, and livelaughrowe.com respectively)
  1. Traditional
Classic, timeless, and functional are all hallmarks of the traditional style of decorating.  This decorating style combines warm, rich colors with inviting pieces to create a space that is beautiful in an uncomplicated and unfussy way.  Traditional spaces are usually centered around furniture sets that are symmetrical and not overly ornate. Darker wood pieces are characteristic of this decorating style, as well as accessories that are carefully curated to compliment the room. Classic drapery, including valances, are at home in traditional spaces and help compliment the straight lines and formality of traditional furniture. Shutters and faux wood blinds in natural wood colors also add warmth and visual interest to these spaces. (pinterest.com)
  1. Modern/Contemporary
Modern/ Contemporary style is marked by sleek, fresh, grounded furniture and accessories.   These spaces are well defined, and subtly sophisticated.  The look is achieved by using a neutral pallet and simple furniture, and then adding bright punches of color and bold geometric patterns. The key to this design style is not to overwhelm with color or pattern, rather one should try to draw the eye to one or two striking pieces in the space. With the modern/contemporary design style less is more, think cellular shades or roller shades in neutral colors.  Horizontal sheer shades add depth and dimension while still playing on the straight lines and simplicity of a modern/contemporary room. (ridex.org, dankylogo.com)
  1. Industrial
The industrial decorating style showcases raw material in a fresh and edgy way.  Homes in this style take advantage of the tough and masculine feel that steel, bronze, and other raw materials can bring to a space.  These rooms, however, also have a warmness woven throughout them from the use of softer materials like leather and suede. Many people use structured drapery in these spaces to accent dramatic curtain rods and bold window panes. Woven wood shades in natural wood colors also compliment the salvaged pieces and exposed brick that is often found in these rooms. Another great option for your industrial areas are roman shades to bring a softness to the hard edges that are so often found in these spaces. (harris-martin.com, megapodzilla.com, pinterest.com)
  1. Coastal
While the coastal decorating style evokes thoughts of the ocean and beach vacations, it is popular all over the country including far inland.  This style is all about the soothing colors of the sea, mixed with the laidback vibes of a relaxing getaway. Coastal spaces mix ocean hues, think pale turquoises, blues and seafoam greens, with sun-bleached white linen and cotton fabrics. Natural materials mix with distressed woods and casual furnishings to create a wonderful escape. When choosing widow treatments for a coastal styled space think breezy drapery in natural fabrics, bright white shutters or faux wood blinds, or woven wood blinds in light colors.  The goal should be to let as much natural light into the space as possible to bring in the warmth that is associated with the coast. (whitehouse51.com, pinterest.com, maryousif.org) No matter what your decorating style is, or even if it is a combination of multiple styles, let us help you find the perfect window covering in just the right material for your space. At Zinga’s we bring our showroom to your home, and will spend as much time as you need looking through our different window covering styles and materials.  We want to help you create a space that speaks to you, and really showcases your personality and style.

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