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Silhouette Sheer Shades

Soft Like Drapes Functional Like Blinds

The elegant sheer panels of silhouette sheer shades have a gauzy, delicate quality that is reminiscent of the graceful feel of curtains and helps to soften your room. At the same time the fabric vanes running through out are easy to tilt and close helping you control the amount of light entering your room just like blinds.

Large Range of Light Control

These shades capture the harsh sunbeams entering your space and diffuse them throughout the room creating a warm glow when open.  By tilting the vanes, you can subdue the light to varying degrees protecting your furniture, wood floors, rugs, etc. Room darkening vanes are also an option for those daytime naps or movie marathons.

Many Options

You can also choose from several different fabric opacities and colors to help fully customize your silhouette sheer shades to match your homes style and color palette. Silhouette sheer shades can also be motorized, which allows you to control your light filtering and privacy with the touch of a button. 

In Home Estimate Makes It Easy

Our in-home estimate process allows us to measure your windows for a perfect, custom fit every time. We bring samples to your home to ensure you’re buying what you love, and custom order them for you so you get the exact style you’re looking for.

As always, the process to purchase roller shades from Zinga’s is quick and simple.  Call us to schedule your free in-home estimate and we will bring our roller shades samples to your home. 

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