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For a recent USA Today article, journalist went to a couple different prisons to interview inmates incarcerated for breaking and entering.  When canvasing houses, and making a decision on which ones to break into, the number one deciding factor was whether the home had a security system or not. Zinga’s is an authorized Alarm.com retailer, and our systems come with several benefits. Safety First and foremost is the undeniable safety aspect.  People are much less likely to burglarize a home with a security system, and if they were to break and enter your security system would come to your aid immediately.  With safe words, personalized passcodes, and emergency codes, your security system is customized to work for you and your family alone. Health Alarm.com systems are designed to contact you if you haven’t activated your system in awhile. This is a feature that can help you if you somehow become incapacitated in your home and can not reach a phone to call for help.  A gentle phone call will remind you that you haven’t used your system, and if you can not be reached emergency services will be contacted. Weather You can set your security system to alert you in the event of severe weather, so you can be adequately prepared.  Your system will send you a text message or phone call, your preference, when alerts go active for your community.  This is especially helpful if you are traveling and need to know what’s going on back at home. Fire Another option for your home security system is a fire alert system.  Your system can be set to immediately contact emergency services in the event of a fire or other home emergency.  This is crucial for those that have pets or even children at home with a babysitter.  You can breathe easier knowing you are keeping the ones you love safe.

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