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Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a bold but peaceful color that is meant to “bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge, aiding in concentration and bringing laser-like clarity.” While a bold statement when used in large quantities, it can also be used to create pops of color and create a sense of cohesion from room to room. Read on to find out how you can incorporate Classic Blue into your home in both large and small ways.

Wall Color


What may initially feel like a daring choice for walls, when painted throughout a room creates a calming and peaceful affect that is perfect for a bedroom or conversation room.  Ceilings can also benefit from a shade of classic blue, because the color was designed with the night sky in mind it can make you feel more grounded and serene.



White and Gray walls were, and still somewhat are, a large trend in home building.  These neutral walls set the perfect stage for a classic blue couch or accent chair to pop and really bring warmth into your home. If you don’t want to commit to full classic blue furniture, a throw blanket or a coffee table can also do the trick and are more easily replaced.



Small touches of classic blue in your accessories, such as lamps, trays, pillows and vases can add a lot of bang for a relatively small buck.  These small touches, especially in rooms that are lacking in color, will easily draw the eye and stand out in a big way.  For more of a pop of color try a classic blue accent rug or drapery.



Classic blue can also be incorporated into your wardrobe to bring a touch of that calming and grounded feeling into your everyday life. Pull on a classic blue sweater, dress, or add touches of the color with jewelry, purses, or shoes.  Whether using inside your home or on your person, Classic Blue is the perfect color to bring you through 2020.

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