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Organizational Hack

Summer is the perfect time to organize your home and get rid of unnecessary clutter.  With shows such as “Tidying Up” growing in popularity, getting organized has never been more popular.  Use these tips to help organize your space!

Start With One Room at a Time


The most effective way to organize your home is to being with one space at a time.  It can be overwhelming to take on too many tasks at once, which could cause you to throw in the towel all together.  You can up the ante by segmenting each room and organizing one portion of it at a time as well.

Toss Things You Don’t Need

It is human nature to want to hold onto our possessions, but this can lead to stockpiling all manner of items that are unnecessarily taking up space in our homes.  Clothing that no longer fits, toys that are no longer played with, even excessive amount of kitchen items such as cups, bowls, and silverware can use up copious amounts of storage room that could be used to house more necessary items.  Because these items can be very useful to others, bag them up and find a local shelter or other place to donate them. As an added bonus, these types of donations are tax deductible so make sure to get a receipt.

Maximize Your Space

Make the most of the space you have by utilizing areas of your home that are often overlooked. If you have high ceilings, a custom storage solution – such as a custom pantry or closet – can help you maximize the vertical space that would otherwise be unused.  Other areas may seem even less obvious but are often times wasted in the home.  Areas under stairs can be converted into play spaces or storage spaces.

Bins and Containers


Bins and containers help keep pantries and closets clutter-free by giving everything in your home a designated spot.  Not only will they help you visually, you won’t have to look at the items sitting out in these spots, but they help make clean up a breeze.  When there is a place for everything, you can easily pull out the bin or container for your item, toss it in, and move on to the next thing.



Labels have come along way since the infamous label makers of the late 80’s.  With all sorts of design and style options, you don’t only have to label the bins and containers that are hidden.  You can now make labels for things that are out in the open without making them look dated or out of place. There are companies online that will personalize sticker labels for you, and also Pinterest templates so that you can make your own.

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