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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

We’ve all heard the “New Year, New You” resolutions each January 1, but this year instead of, or in addition to, tackling the same old personal resolutions – try our list of New Years Resolutions for your home. “New Year, New Home Sweet Home”

1. Minimize Clutter

It happens to the best of us.  Bookshelves, built ins, end tables, and desks gather items throughout the year and before you know it harbor unorganized chaos.  Whether you choose to start in the living room or the kitchen, systematically going from room to room and removing anything that doesn’t belong – or is creating clutter – will help create a more calming oasis in your home.  If you lack storage for these items, look for unique places to put them – overhead garage storage, under bed containers, or cute little cubes and baskets can all help!

2. Clean Under Your Bed(s)

Speaking of under the bed, the rules of feng shui say you shouldn’t keep anything under your bed because it stops the good energy from flowing out and around you.  While we know its not possible for every home to have perfectly empty space under the bed, you can store things in a more organized manner under your bed with plastic sliding containers.  One of the lucky ducks with plenty of storage and no need for underbed storage containers – When is the last time you moved your mattress and box spring to vacuum up the dust bunnies that have settled under there?

3. Organize Your Pantry

Canned food from 2017, spilled pasta on the floor, that pudding mix you are never going to actually make? Time to get rid of it. Toss expired foods, donate those that you know you’ll never use, and clean up any spills or loose food items.  You may also want to invest in canisters to store in your closet to help keep your pantry organized throughout the entire year.

4. Declutter Closets

In the spirit of purging and donating things you don’t need, take a look in all of your closets and start collecting items that you no longer use or want.  Be realistic.  If those jeans haven’t fit in five years, this probably isn’t the year.  Keep working towards your goal of fitting into them, but when the time comes reward yourself with a new pair.  Wearing clothes that fit the size you are, rather than the size you want to be, will be both more flattering and better for your mental health.

5. Donate Old Appliances

We all have appliances that are either in our cabinets and never see the light of day, or on our counter taking up space and collecting dust.  That juicer you got for Christmases ago and only used once? Donate it! That waffle maker that you thought would be fun for the kids but never leaves the cabinet? Donate it! The hand beater that stays in the drawer ever since you got your shiny new Kitchenaid? I think you know where we are going with this. Freeing up counter and cabinet space will help you stay more organized while cooking and baking.

6. Touch Up Paint and Flaws

Take a walk around your house looking at the walls and baseboards.  Now is the perfect time to paint over any handprints or smudges.  Accidentally nick the wall when moving your coffee table? Fill it in with some putty from a big box store and paint over it. Make sure to pay special attention to your baseboards which tend to get scuffed and damaged a little faster than the rest of your home.

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