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Modern Accent Walls

Accent walls can add a ton of visual interest to any room in your home.  Previously, this was achieved by painting one wall a bright fun color.  Right now, however, 2019 offers a lot of different fun ways to spruce up your space with more modern accent walls.

1.) Wood Accents

Wood pieces can be mounted to the wall in any pattern you can think of, and then painted over to create a visually appealing wall, for minimal costs and effort. Buying precut wood from either a box store or a local lumber yard will cut the time in half, and help you complete your project in a day.

2.) Natural Elements

Stone, brick, slate, and wood of various styles can all be cut to fit any wall to create a standout, eye catching masterpiece. Think outside the box by choosing different sizes of stone and brick, weathering your brick, or using an unusual cut of wood.

3.) Textured Paint

As easy as painting your wall, these textural paint add-ins can create a wall that stands out in no time. You can buy textured add ins such as glitter, or metallic sheen, or buy a textured roller to layer multiple colors for an effect that pleases the eye.

4.) Geometric Patterns


Achievable by using wallpaper, or a stencil, geometric patterns are perfect for a modern home.  The streamlined look compliments any décor and helps pull your space together.  The key to this kind of wall is patience and precision, it is crucial to make sure all of your shapes line up to create a seamless effect.

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