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Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Your front porch should be an extension of the rest of your home. You want it to feel just as inviting as the interior, and make a statement about your home and style.



Front porch lighting isn’t usually a top priority, but can be one of the most impactful things on your front porch.  The right lighting sets the tone for the rest of the house. Whether you choose vintage, modern, or classic lighting the best bet is to choose something with incandescent flood light bulbs which are made to withstand different types of weather, specifically high amounts of rain.

Door Color


Pops of bright color, or a light neutral can make a small entry feel larger. For a more classic style choose a tried and true classic such as black, grey, or navy blue. Another fun option is a monochrome door that blends into your home. There really is no wrong color to choose, as long as you make sure the color you choose compliments the materials used for the exterior of your home. When choosing paint, you will need to use a latex based exterior paint to hold up to the weather.



Much like the rest of your home, you want to be intentional when purchasing furniture for your front porch.  You want comfortable seating, whether its rocking chairs, wicker furniture, or upholstered benches; it should look inviting and make guests want to sit down and stay awhile. End tables for placing drinks and other items are also a plus. A porch swing or hanging chair can bring an element of fun to your space.

House Numbers


A low cost, but fun, way to show off your personal style is with your house numbers.  These can range from simple metal numbers to large ornate hand carved numbers, or anywhere in between.  Use these pictures as inspiration, and see where your imagination and creativity can take you!



The final pieces to a well put together front porch are the accessories, the little things that make people feel comfortable and relaxed.  You can achieve a completed look by mixing in pillows, a comfortable throw, and an area rug to really tie the space together.  A plant that can withstand the weather and fun items like lanterns, wreaths, and signs really define the area and make it uniquely yours.

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