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Fall 2020 Home Decorating Trends

If being quarantined in your home for the past six months has given you the bug to redecorate and add some new decorative touches and elements to your interior, we can help.  We’ve compiled a list of things that are trending in home décor this fall. Choose one or all of them for a major house revamp.


Rattan furniture, typically thought of as outdoor furniture, is having a huge moment indoors this fall.  It adds a boho, easygoing vibe to your space and can make more formal areas look a little more playful. 


Bringing Nature Indoors

Plants are a great way to bring life and vibrancy into any room in your home.  This fall, look for plants that have leaves and stems in a red, orange, and green fall palette (you can even do a convincing faux if you lack a green thumb).

Layer Texture

Layering different textures adds visual interest, and also makes your room feel cozier. Go ahead and throw a chunky knit blanket and furry pillows onto that sleek leather couch to create a comfortable looking space that invites all of your visitors to take a seat.

Textile Wall Hangings

Similar to our previous tip, textile wall hangings are another great way to bring warmth and comfort to any area of your home.  Whether you choose bright colors, macrame, or solid neutrals, these wall hangings are a great way to bring a space together.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a beautiful feature in any home, and adds a vintage, old school charm. If you don’t have natural exposed brick walls, you can create the look with brick veneer and mortar on any wall.

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