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Downsides of Viewing Window Treatments in a Showroom

Whether it’s a piece of furniture, tile that you’re hoping to have installed or window furnishings that you would love to have added to your space, visiting a showroom to make your final decision is extremely challenging. Of course, this always seems like the best way to go about viewing your options. Online shopping hasn’t made it very easy to get an idea of the dimensions, or what the color truly looks like. Or, for that matter, what to expect in regards to quality. So why wouldn’t a showroom be a better option when making a huge purchase? Well, there are a few reasons, and we’re going to cover them today.

Too Many Choices

Walking into a showroom is one of the most overwhelming things that you can do. There are so many different options that you’ll come across that it’s nearly impossible to make up your mind. While it can be helpful to see what all of these various options look like, there is a chance that you put yourself in a situation that is more difficult than had you simply selected the styles that you already knew you were fond of. As a homeowner, you know what the styling of your house looks like, what type of feel you’re trying to convey, what the lighting situation in the specific room is and what types of goals you’re trying to achieve with these window treatments. As soon as you walk into a showroom, you are now driven by the designs and the way that they look within the showroom, rather than focusing on the mission at hand. Think of this as a trip to the grocery store. The tip always goes to stick to the outer isles if you want to stay on task and avoid those sneaky tactics used to get you to purchase foods and items that you don’t necessarily need. The same goes for showrooms. When you have a specific task at hand, you don’t want to be getting carried away by the various choices that are displayed. Letting Zinga’s bring you the specific styles that you want to see, and then providing you with more options if you aren’t a fan of those specific styles, is one of the best ways to keep the process of finding new window treatments, quick and easy. This allows you to stick to your purpose and manage to get the job you’ve set out to complete, done.

Not the Same Quality

The presentation of the products in a showroom can make it difficult to judge the actual quality of the product. Again, this is not an intentional factor that showrooms try to create, but it is one nonetheless. When you have a product that is sitting out on the floor, there is, without a doubt, a chance that this product is going to end up worn down and broken. It’s simply inevitable that time after time of someone pulling on drawstrings or rubbing a tile, that the color will fade or the product will look worn. It’s hard to get a good idea of what it is that you’re truly going to be getting when you finally install this product in your home. Rather than leave it to chance, allow for our team to bring you the product as it is when installed, new. You can get an idea of the feel, the color, the texture and the look overall before any wear or tear has been done. Now, showrooms might help give you an idea of what a product may look like over time, but when you’re working with Zinga’s, you can feel confident that any window covering you invest in is going to be of the highest quality and leave lasting impressions on your home and the guests that come in.

It’s Not Your Home

While there are so many ways that showrooms do their best to create a realistic situation that looks like a home, at the end of the day, it simply is not your home. The showroom that you visit can have very similar situations to your home or provide you with a really good example of someone’s home, but unless it is your home, you really have no idea what you’re going to get. With window coverings, you have a certain decor, your windows face a certain direction, your windows are different sizes, and you have different circumstances. All of these things are not factored into the layout of the showroom. You might fall in love with a window treatment that looks incredible in the showroom, but when you invest in it and finally have it installed in your home, you quickly realize that the sun shines much brighter and that it doesn’t offer the same control that you need to manage the sun. Or you might fall in love with a color at the showroom, thinking that it will go perfectly with the color scheme of your home. The color of red that you saw at the showroom is exactly like the one that your have incorporated into your decor and throw pillows. At least, you think that’s the case, and then you have them installed into your home and quickly realize that this is far from the case, and they’re a shade off. This is another thing that is simply not considered when browsing the options in a showroom.

Customer Service

It goes without saying that the customer service that you’ll receive at a showroom is going to make the process challenging. Between the crowds and the sales tactics that are used in these spaces, it’s nearly impossible to truly get the consultation that you need to make the right choice. Zinga’s is not only a provider in high-quality window treatments, we are consultants and professionals in home design and functionality. We offer a multitude of services, window coverings and treatments being one of them, that allow for you to make the most of the home that you have. Because of that, you can expect honest feedback, guidance, and assistance from the team member that you’ll be working with. With their help, you can better determine which window treatment works best for the style of window in your home. Which specific treatment is going to best suit your decor and design. What type of treatment will help you achieve goals like energy efficiency and lighting control, and so much more. We prioritize our customer service, and by having a one-on-one meeting for a consultation, we are able to provide you with the full focus in the time we’ve set aside. Showrooms have great intentions, without delivering in some of the areas that are the most important. We’ve come to realize this at Zinga’s, and that’s why we bring our various options and supplies directly to your home. We will plan in advance to have a variety of options in material, color, and design so that you can get a true glimpse of what will work in your home. In doing so, you are more likely to find a perfect fit with the products that we carry, and make the process of shopping for window treatments, so much more enjoyable. Contact Zinga’s today and we can set a time to stop by your home with our various window treatments, set up. We can’t wait to help you put the finishing touches on your Indianapolis home!

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