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The Different Types of Window Blinds Explained

The type of window coverings you choose for your home or commercial office can say a lot about your style. Whether you choose to install decorative curtains, sheer shades, or wood blinds for your space, shopping for window treatments can be a hassle without the help of a professional. In this blog, we’ll discuss the various types of window blinds that are available, so you have an understanding of your options as you start to browse for new window coverings. If you live in the Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, or the Noblesville area, and you need assistance choosing the best window treatments for your home or business, contact the experts at Zinga’s today. We’ve helped hundreds of people across Indianapolis find the perfect window coverings for their home, and we would love to do the same for you. From blinds to shades and draperies, we can handle all of your window treatment needs.

The Different Kinds of Blinds

As you start shopping around for new blinds, you’ll notice a large variety of styles, colors, and materials on the market. While almost all blind types share the same basic function, there are fundamental differences between each blind type as well. Whether you’re looking to add more privacy to your bedroom or you’d like more lighting control in your office, installing the right kind of blinds can help. Let’s look at some popular blind options to consider for your home or office below.

Mini Blinds

As their name suggests, mini blinds are smaller in size than traditional blinds. When these blinds were originally created, they were held together by light pieces of fabric, and there wasn’t much functionality in terms of raising and lowering them. Today, mini blinds can be individually customized to perfectly fit any window size in your home. Micro mini blinds are often constructed with a ½ inch slat size, that works very well for small windows in your kitchen and bathroom. The larger mini blinds, which can measure up to a full inch or more, can be found in many home offices on larger windows. Mini blinds are specifically designed to give the homeowner control over light and privacy. Many of these blinds achieve this through the use of a wand or cord operation, making it easy for the homeowner to raise and lower their blinds throughout the day. At Zinga’s, we’re proud to offer a lovely selection of mini blinds at our showroom in Indianapolis. Choose from a wide and decorative selection of contemporary colors that will add style and class to any room in your home. If you’re interested in learning more about our mini blinds, contact us today!

Venetian Blinds

Also known as horizontal blinds, venetian blinds are made up of a series of horizontal slabs. These slabs are often linked together with a string ladder and a set of pull cords for an easy lifting mechanism. These functional and stylish window treatments can be produced from a variety of materials including aluminum, faux wood, and vinyl.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds, also known as plantation shutters, are a wonderful way to add character and class to virtually any room in your home. The most distinctive characteristic of these window coverings is the permanent frame they leave around the window. Within the blind panel there are moveable louvers that can be controlled with a tilt rod. The moveable louvers will provide you with privacy, light, and even temperature control. Plantation blinds offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, and you can even customize your blinds with different paint colors and stains.

Cellular Blinds

If you’re looking for a window covering that can save you money on your energy bills, you may want to consider installing cellular blinds in your home. These window blinds offer a plethora of lighting and insulation benefits, which can help to keep your home cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. At Zinga’s in Indianapolis, we offer a wonderful selection of cellular blinds to complement your interior space. In addition to the adjustable lighting aspects of our blinds, we also offer child safety features and motorized blinds as well.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are among the most popular window coverings in Indianapolis. Not only are these window treatments extremely durable and versatile, they can be custom made to fit the windows in your home. Most vinyl blinds are created from PVC and are moisture resistant, making them a great window covering for your garage, bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

Wooden Blinds

If you’re looking for a way to add warmth and texture to your bedroom or family room, consider installing wooden blinds in your home. Wooden blinds are a wonderful way to add privacy and beauty to any room in your home, and you can choose from a wide selection of wood types and styles. Whether you’re looking for a rustic or refined look, wooden blinds can help! As you can see, there are many different blind types and styles to choose from for your home or commercial office. We hope that this blog proves to be helpful as you begin shopping for new blinds and window treatments. If you live in Indianapolis and you need help choosing the best blinds, shades, and shutters for your home, contact the experts at Zinga’s today! We offer free in-home estimates and our window experts are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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