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Custom Office Options for Your Home

With more employees working from home all or part of the time, a home office is becoming a must for many families.  At Zingas we can help you turn any space into a custom home office to suit your needs. Schedule a free in home estimate and let us bring your home office space to life.

Completely Custom Design

One of our sales representatives will come to your home to discuss your home office needs, budget and personal style.  They will bring samples of colors, materials, and hardware and help you draw up a rough design.  This information is then passed on to our design specialist and will be used to create a custom 3D design for your approval. You work with our designer to help make any adjustments and ensure you get the exact home office you want.


High Quality Materials

We use the most high-quality materials to make sure your home office not only looks great but will also withstand the test of time.  While you may be able to find cheaper options at big box stores, low quality materials will break, buckle, and deteriorate over time.  Our well-made options come in around 30% less than our competitors for the same product.

Multiple Color Options

We offer multiple color options from natural woods to bright and fun accent colors; we can match your home office to the exact style of your home to make it feel seamless.  From room to room, our sales representatives will make sure your home office flows with the rest of your house and is 100% you.



A custom home office has the added benefit of adding storage to your home.  With multiple cabinet options, including width, depth, and height, you can add storage for all the items in your home that currently don’t have adequate space.


Murphy Beds

One of the problems many homeowners face when trying to create a designated home office area is a lack of space.  We can help you create a home office while still maintaining a designated guest space by installing a murphy bed.  This will also add additional storage for office items or guest’s belongings.


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