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Custom Blinds Vs. Big Box Stores

Custom blinds and shades are exactly what they sound like. They are made just for you, to the exact size necessary for an installation that will give you the privacy and light control that you expect. We will go over some of the differences in blinds and other window coverings you will find in your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or other home improvement store versus buying window coverings through an authorized window covering dealer like Zinga’s.

How they fit in your window

The blinds and shades found on the retailer’s shelf are pre-cut to specific sizes.  The sizes are the most popular window sizes, so one would think that they will work in every situation. The fact is that a 30” x 60” window might not allow a 30” x 60” pre-cut window shade. Many times you will find that the window has a large difference in width from the top of the window to the bottom. So your blind may fit at the bottom but will be too tight at the top. That’s why we measure your window in three different places to ensure that it will fit as snug as possible in each and every window in your home. Our measurements and blind widths are manufactured to 1/16th of an inch, so you will have as minimal of light gap as possible.

faux wood blinds indianapolisLight Control

Custom blinds will offer the tightest closure. Slats lay flatter and tighter for the long haul, with no tugging required. Plus slats won’t fall out, ensuring years of trouble-free use. They have less Light Leakage because of slat alignment and tighter, flatter closure between slats. This offers a darker room, less glare, and a better night’s sleep! Advanced construction means you won’t find rout holes that can compromise privacy.


Off the shelf blinds type will not offer the quality or lifetime warranty of custom blinds. The composite vinyl will not turn yellow and the metal headrail will not sag over time. High quality parts will not breakdown from the sun. As an added benefit, the smooth finish makes them easy to clean!

Child Safety

They are also child and pet safe. Every year, many injuries occur because children and pets get tangled up in the cords of blinds. Our patented device is a foolproof solution to provide a safe environment for your family.  
Learn the differences between our Indianapolis companies custom blinds and big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.
Mike Butcher, one of our design consultants goes over features and functionality of custom faux wood blinds and the differences you will find in our product versus an off-the-shelf product at a big box store.

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