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Current Window Covering Trends – Part 2

Welcome back to the Zinga’s Home Solutions blog post where we were covering some of the current window covering fashions that have been noted as the hottest designs on the market. Our team of professionals is constantly finding ways to provide you with stylings that will help you fall more and more in love with your home, including taking all of the window fashions to your home so that you can find the perfect fit. If you haven’t read our last blog post, make sure to go back and read those fashions to see what types of fashions we’ve covered. But, without further ado, here are some popular stylings to consider as you go through the buying process.


We’ve seen metallics become a popular component of the design world, but have you ever considered adding them to your home? These vibrant touches make for the perfect sparkle to any room and work well with a variety of color pairings. The best way to add these to your interior design is with the help of high-quality curtains that are thick and textured.You can make a metallic window covering one of the main elements of your room, and you’ll see how incredible it looks through an effortless attempt.


The same way that metallics add quite a bit to a room, patterns are another great way to add a special touch to your rooms. One of the best ways to incorporate this is when you’ve invested in furniture and design accessories that are fairly clean, simple and solid colors. That way, you can easily throw in a pattern without it being too much for the eyes or creating an overly busy feel to the room. If you don’t want to rely on curtains as the only window covering, pair some patterns with another window treatment that still allows for some sunlight to come in and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Unique Touches

If you like having those special touches in your home that make it a unique space and one that you find sanctuary in, there are plenty of opportunities with your window coverings. From the rod that you hang curtains on to the different colors that you can choose as a detail to your blinds, Zinga’s Home Solutions does our absolute best to provide you with opportunities to choose from. Once we get the window coverings set up, you can add beautiful touches to hold back curtains, keep mini blind cords off the ground and add texture to a room. Your window coverings are something that you have control over, and we love seeing the visions that you’ve got in mind. Zinga’s Home Solutions makes shopping for window treatments incredibly easy. We will stop by your house with a huge selection of stylings and choices so that you can see them right in the comfort of your home. Call Zinga’s Home Solutions today and ask us about some of the window coverings that we offer, or schedule a time for us to come and show you the variety that we carry.

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