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Creating the Perfect Guest Room

If you like to entertain, chances are you will have guest overnight at you home at some point.  We have compiled a list of things you can incorporate into your guest room to make visitors feel at home while staying with you.

1. Décor

When choosing décor for your guest bedroom, keep the palette soft and neutral.  This helps create an inviting space that will remind your guest of a posh hotel or other serene escape.  Paint colors such as Agreeable Gray and Alabaster both by Sherwin Williams are the perfect back drop for any guest space.  Layering different textures, think large knit blankets and natural fabrics, soft high thread count sheets, and several pillows with varying degrees of firmness, will also help your visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

2. Window Coverings


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a guest bedroom.  When choosing window coverings, try to be mindful of the natural light that comes into the room during the day.  If it is a bright room with a lot of natural light, try plantation shutters that can be opened or closed to give your guest some control.  Another option is shades with a room darkening backing so that your guests can choose to sleep in if they desire.  If you choose to go with shades, neutral drapery in a natural fabric can help tie to room together.  At Zinga’s we can help you with these window treatments and more.  To see the different options we have to offer click here.

3. Storage

Just as important as décor when designing your space, is storage.  Guests will need somewhere to store their belongings for the duration of their stay, and they will feel more at home if they do not have to leave their luggage lying out in the middle of the room. A well designed closet will allow your visitors to put their luggage out of sight, and will help them organize its contents so they can easily find their things.  Zinga’s offers custom storage solutions for your home, and we can help you create maximum storage in any closet.

4. Accessories


Don’t forget to include a mirror, trash can, bedside lamp, and an alarm clock.  All of these items allow your visitors to enjoy your guest space without needing to leave the room. Make sure the mirror is large enough for someone to be able to see the majority of their body, and leave it unobstructed by other furniture so one can get close enough to for things such as applying makeup, combing ones hair, or putting in contacts.  When choosing an alarm clock its best to pick one that is easy to use, but not too bright so that it is not distracting in the dark.

5. Useful Items


Try to anticipate any of your guests needs ahead of time, so they don’t have to feel awkward asking to borrow any items they may have forgotten to pack.  Most commonly shampoo, mouthwash, and toothpaste are the items that don’t make it into someone’s bag when they are packing in a hurry.  Also, it is a great idea to lay out towels and wash cloths so your guests don’t have to search for them.  Another item that is useful for your visitors is a box of tissues kept somewhere near the bed. Store extra linens and blankets in an easily accessible area, and try to have a variety of thicknesses and fabrics so everyone will feel accommodated for.

6. Tech and Not So Tech Items


Another way to make staying in your home comfortable is to provide a typed out list that includes your Wi-Fi password, as well as any TV operating instructions and a channel list.  Because these things vary so much from home to home, it is helpful to have them spelled out for your visitors.  Including phone chargers in your guest room, both apple and android, can help in a pinch when your visitors have forgotten to include these items when packing.   Finally, be sure to include a few books from different genres for those people who are using this visit as a way to unplug for a while.

7. Personal Touches

There are several personal touches you can include to make your guests feel welcome and at ease when staying at your home.  Fresh flowers brighten up any room, but make sure your guests do not have allergies before placing these in the space.  Bottles of water are a great addition to the guest room, and cut down on the times your visitor finds it necessary to ask you for something.  In the kitchen a bowl of fruit that is easy to spot and a coffee station with anything a person may need to prepare their morning cup of joe, as well as premade charcuterie boards in the refrigerator that can be pulled out and snacked on, will make sure your guest feels right at home.

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