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Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Space

Now that the weather has finally turned, its time to start thinking about your home’s outdoor spaces. With the right elements, you can create the perfect outdoor space wither for entertaining or enjoying alone on a nice warm day.



The first thing to consider when creating you’re your perfect, relaxing outdoor space is privacy. You want to be able to enjoy an area that is free from the eyes of neighbors, or anyone else who might be wandering by. One option is to install a privacy fence. This is a great option for those that have small children or pets as well, because it provides a barrier preventing them from exiting your space. Another option is creating a barrier with plants. Plants have the added benefit of adding charm, and color to your area. Popular plants for creating privacy include Arborvitae, Cherry Laurel, Boxwoods, and Buckthorns.


In addition to creating a private perimeter, there are a variety of items you can add to your porch, patio or other space to provide additional privacy. At Zinga’s we offer both exterior privacy roller shades as well as outdoor curtains. Exterior roller shades can be pulled down to block the view of people looking in, but still allow you to have a view out. Outdoor curtains can be pulled closed to provide an extra layer of protection from neighbors or cars driving by.



There are several outdoor furniture options out there, the most important one for you largely depends on what you will be using the space for. There are three-piece sofa and chair options, as well as outdoor sectionals with soft cushions to provide the maximum amount of comfort. This option may not be the best idea, however if you want to install a firepit as the cloth for these types of seating will begin to smell like smoke and isn’t as easy to clean. For those considering a firepit, Adirondack chairs are a comfortable style that do not use fabric in their design. If you plan on cooking or serving food in your outdoor area, picnic tables and outdoor dining sets will make a great addition to your space. Depending on the size of your yard, you can mix and match furniture styles to create designated spaces within your yard.



When choosing the décor for your patio, think of it as an extension to the interior of your home. You want the style of the outside of you home to be a reflection of your personality and design style so it is a space that you want to spend time in. To create a maximum level of color thing soft materials, rugs, pillows, you can even do curtains to block off the area and add extra privacy. Accessories such as candle holders, small end tables, outdoor table cloths, and plant pots bring a lot of character to a space for low cost. As an added bonus, most of these décor elements can be purchased cheap and therefore are easy to switch out when you want a change of pace. You can also add mirrors, outdoor art, pictures and signs. The sky is the limit with your décor, just try to choose items in materials that are not easily damaged by water and sunlight.



If you are planning on using your outdoor space at all times of the day, you will need to consider lighting. For covered porched that are protected from the weather, you can wire an outdoor ceiling fan with a lamp that gives the added bonus of extra air circulation in the hot summer months. Lanterns either battery powered, wired, or filled with candles are a versatile option that come in a variety of colors and shapes and can, therefore, fit with most decorating styles. Another popular option is outdoor string lights wither strung around a porch or pergola, or stretched across the yard and anchored to the house or poles to provide light for the entire yard. Whatever you decide, just make sure you are using outdoor weather resistant bulbs.



When designing your outdoor space, sound is a key element to focus on. You want to try to detract from any road noise or other sounds that can cause your environment to feel less relaxing. One way to achieve patio nirvana is by installing a water feature. The bubbling and waterfall noises will help mask any sounds that are coming from outside of your yard. There are also a variety of outdoor speakers that can be wired into your yard to help you play music or podcasts. Another cheaper and more versatile option is to purchase a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your phone or other devices. This option also allows you to move the speakers around your space to ensure you are always achieving the maximum volume possible.

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