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Coordinating Curtains With Your Wall Color

Finding the perfect set of curtains when there are so many textures, colors and styles to choose from can be extremely challenging. When you have so many options, how do you know which one will truly be the best fit for your home? At Zinga’s, we come to your home in Indianapolis and present the window coverings that you’re considering. This helps you get a good idea of what the fashions will look like when they’re actually installed or hung up in your home. However, it never hurts to have a general idea of which color or texture is going to go well in your home. Here are a few tips to take into consideration in regards to matching your curtains with your wall color.

Use the Wall Color

While you won’t want to put the exact same color right next to your wall color, you should absolutely incorporate the color of the wall into the curtains that you choose. Even if you want to choose a patterned styling, you should make sure that the wall color is somehow incorporated into the curtains that you choose. Even when you have ivory or off white walls, do your best to find a style or design that incorporates that color into the curtains. What’s great is that you don’t have to hold off on a style or set of curtains that you like just because they aren’t the exact color. As long as the color is within two shades of the wall color, then you can guarantee that it’ll match well with the rest of the colors that you’ve incorporated in your room.

Complementary Colors

The next step that we’re going to recommend is choosing colors that are complementary to the color that you’ve painted your walls. You’ll find the complementary color by looking at the opposite side of the color wheel. Something that you’ll have to take into consideration with this approach is that the color on the opposing side of the color wheel might have too large of a contrast to simply work with solids. If you aren’t a fan of the way that the two solids look next to each other, find a pattern that incorporates that color with a neutral. This method allows for you to add additional pops of color into your room, while also making sure that it doesn’t become an overwhelming presentation of color blocks.

The Monochromatic Approach

Simplicity isn’t a bad approach to take either, and one of the most simplistic options that you have in regards to curtains will come from choosing a set of curtains that are in the same color family as your wall colors. When you make this choice, you’ll want to select a styling that is either darker, or lighter, than the actual color of your walls. When you choose a shade that is darker or lighter than the shade of your walls, you’re going to create a new level of depth in your space, which will be a nice touch to bring the entirety of the room together.

Natural & Neutral

Another fantastically easy way to find a partnership that works with window treatments is to stick with something that is neutral. Colors like ivory, buttercream, champagne and light browns are known for matching with every color that you can think of. They make for a nice additional touch without having to get too crazy with extra colors, patterns or textures. So, if you’re looking to keep it simple, try and find a nice neutral or natural shade that easily matches and compliments the colors of your walls, find one of these basic colors and you’re all set. FInding the perfect set of curtains may have been difficult before, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. The way that we’ve designed our window coverings company, you can get an idea of what colors, patterns, and textures will and won’t work in your home because we bring the coverings right to you. Don’t wait any longer to find the curtains that work perfectly in your home and stop over complicating the process. Contact Zinga’s Home Solutions today and we will schedule a time for our team to bring the window covering samples you’d like to see to your home.

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