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Why Consider Cordless Shades

Blinds are one of the most commonly used window treatments across the U.S.This particular window treatment is one that offers plenty of coverage and leaves you with control over how much natural lighting you want to let in. One of the newer trends that we have seen surface is an updated design to this window treatment that has been around for years. If you’re thinking to yourself that an updated feature couldn’t truly make the window treatment itself any better, wait until you hear the reasons why cordless shades are a fantastic option to add to your home.


A few years back there were tons of stories in the news about the dangers of blinds with children. These harmless drawstrings that allow for us to open and close our shades could be so dangerous to children. Well, the reason that these drawstrings proved to be so dangerous to children is because of how carelessly they hang from the windows. Because of that, it was easy for children to find themselves tangled in the cord. For some children, them being entangled in the cords did not lead to a positive outcome. Strangulation was one of the main reasons that a cordless form of this successful window treatment was designed. By eliminating the cord from the shades, this window treatment is now able to provide all of the same benefits, without leaving the opportunity for strangulation as an option.


Unfortunately, pets weren’t the only ones that had some bad experiences with the drawstring of the blinds. The same way that children found themselves wrapped up in the cords, dogs and cats ended up being found wrapped up in the cords through strangulation as well. One of the reasons that this is a major concern for pet owners is because we rarely spend nearly as much time monitoring where our pets are and what they’re doing. Because of that, the chances of this happening are a little bit higher. If you have curious pets, investing in blinds that can reduce the chances of this happening is definitely something worth considering. This could provide you with the same amount of coverage, without it putting any of your pets in harm’s way.

Aesthetic Appeal

The pull string of the blinds is something that doesn’t make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of the window treatment, but it is definitely something that can look a little cheap at times. While there are plenty of ways that you can tuck the string and minimize it from plain view, being able to have the same functionality without having to have the string at all, is obviously a plus. With the design that this treatment offers, you can easily use the window treatment to your advantage, but it looks much cleaner and sharp.

Ease of Use

Something that we like to look for when we are providing our clients with window treatments is functionality. Each window treatment that you consider should be one where functionality is not a concern. One of the reasons that we love using this specific design is because they are still incredibly easy to use, if not easier than the original design. One of the things that we needed to consider was how difficult it can be to drop the shades down. With the pull of a string, it’s incredibly easy to tug too hard and wind up pulling down the entirety of the blinds. This is one of the more common ways that shades end up damaged, but also, that the hardware that holds the blinds up gets damaged. Rather than leave that as an option, you can invest in high-quality blinds that make it easy for you to enjoy the perks of blinds, without the chance of them falling down. Zinga’s Home Solutions has a wide selection of window treatments to choose from. If there’s a concern that you have in your mind, especially if it’s a safety concern, we can work with you to find the perfect solution. Let our team find the new treatments for your home! Call today to schedule a time for us to visit your home with the selection of window treatments that we carry.

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