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Benefits of Plantation Shutters Inside Your Home

Shutters were commonly known for being installed on the exterior of the home and the rustic though that they would add to your home. While it’s not uncommon to still see plantation shutters on the exterior of a house, they have certainly made their way to the interior of the home and are making an incredible statement in doing so. Plantation shutters are one of the most popular forms of window treatments that people choose to invest in, and there are so many different reasons that is the case. At Zinga’s, we do everything that we can to ensure the design, materials and finishing touches benefit the overall functionality of your home, and that remains true for the various window fashions that we suggest using. Today we are going to cover some of the benefits that those that do install plantation shutters in their home can count on seeing, both initially and over time.These are benefits that we have experienced first-hand, as well as some that customers we’ve had have shared with us, we hope that you enjoy them and learn a thing or two about these fun and innovative window treatments.

Filter in Light

One of the main reasons that people invest in window fashions is because of the control that it provides us with the lighting coming into our house. Blinds and curtains both offer control over lighting situations, but not in quite as many variations as plantation shutters do. The functionality of shutters happens through a louver that can be rotated to adjust the overall angle of the slats. Because there are so many different options to choose from of shutters in general (single panel, double panel, cafe style, etc.), you have quite a few variations that you can choose from that will give you even more control of the amount of light that you’d like to let into your home. What makes them one of the best options in regards to window treatments is how you can control them. Not only can you control the amount that comes in, but you have the ability to enjoy the same amount of lighting while still controlling what direction it comes in. By moving the slats to face in a downward or upward angle, you can change the lighting set up in the overall room, and benefit from the light the way that makes the most sense for you and your family. You also have the choice of how your shades will open, which leaves you with just one more method of controlling the lighting in your home.

Increase Safety

In one of our most recent blog posts, we touched on the benefits of going with cordless window coverings. The window treatments that you add to your home that have strings pose as a harm to both children and pets, so finding a method that gives you plenty of control, is efficient and adds overall value to your home is something that you can certainly count as a positive. Because these shades function through a lever, there is no chance of your child or pet getting into any trouble or harm with these window coverings. That’s a fantastic feature if children or pets are a constant concern with what you are putting in your home.

Less Updates Necessary

Two of the issues that you need to consider when investing in other forms of window treatments are warping and fading. These are almost inevitable outcomes with certain window treatments simply because of the material that they’re made of. This is another one of the reasons that plantation shutters are so incredible, you don’t have to worry about that! Because interior shutters are made from wood or polywood, they don’t experience warping and are much more resistant to fading. Plastic and cloth don’t have the ability to avoid that, and it truly is an inevitable outcome given the amount of time that they’re in the sun. Thanks to the way that shutters are installed and handled, they also don’t have any chance of warping or sagging. The hardware used to keep shutters in place is incredibly sturdy and provides them with the support that they need to function well, but also the added stability for them to last for years without any chance of sagging.

Easy Efficiency

Having an efficient home is extremely important. The cost of electricity and the amount of work that your home has to do to stay comfortable, especially in the high’s and low’s of Indianapolis, is pretty challenging. In order to maintain the work that your HVAC and heater have to do, having efficient fundamentals of your home can be extremely beneficial. Because of the thickness with plantation shutters, and the ability to fully close the slats that are incorporated into the design, these are one of the most energy-efficient window coverings that you can choose from. If that is one of your main focuses with window treatments, then you should definitely be considering how beneficial this specific window treatment could be.

Increase Value

Whether you’re planning on selling your house in the future, or you’re not, adding value to a home is something that is incredibly important. Window coverings are one of the most advantageous improvements that you can make to your home, and plantation shutters can provide you with an even higher boost in value. Not only are all of the benefits that we’ve covered in this post considered, but the ability to match them with a variety of decor, change them easily and minimize dust and allergens in your home are other factors that will be considered. All of these reasons are a fighting factor in why people choose to install them in their homes and are things that they want to see have been invested in when they find their next home. For that reason, they are a huge selling point and will definitely be considered when the equity of your home is looked at. These are only a few of the reasons that plantation shutters are such an incredible investment to make when choosing your next window treatments, and like we said, there are so many more. If you are interested in learning more, our team can definitely help by answering questions and finding solutions to any complications that you see arising in the future. We truly have covered all of our bases with this treatment and have found ways of working them into a variety of situations, working with a variety of issues, and providing the outcome that each of our customers is hoping for when they reach out to us for help. Zinga’s makes finding your new window treatments easy. We will bring samples of the window treatments that you’d like to see, anything from plantation shutters to curtains, to your home. From there we will work with you to find the solution to your window treatment problems and help you determine which one of our many options are going to be the best fit. If you’re ready to enjoy quick and easy assistance with your window treatments from a team of professionals that you can trust, it’s time you contact our office. Reach out to us today and we can set up a time to bring our showroom to your home and start the process of getting you set up with the best window treatments in Indianapolis!

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