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Benefits of a Custom Pantry

At Zinga’s we can custom design any storage area of your home, but one that has a fantastic “bang for your buck” is a custom pantry. A custom pantry can help not only organize your pantry but can also help keep your kitchen organized and clutter free.

1.) Kitchen Organization

A custom pantry can help bring organization throughout your entire kitchen.  A great pantry design will allow space to store all those kitchen gadgets that are currently cluttering up your countertops, helping you streamline your kitchen.  Counter height shelves can be installed to allow you to use those same gadgets as if they were out in your kitchen if you have enough space and the proper electrical installed.

2.) Sturdy Shelves

We’ve all been trying to stack cans of soup on the wire shelves in our pantry when the bottom one gets stuck in the wires and topples the pile, or we’ve tried to place small bags on the wire shelves only to have them fall through.  A custom pantry offers sturdy, solid shelves that will keep everything neat and organized and in their place.

3.) Reduce Clutter

By creating a place for everything in your pantry, you can make sure when you put your groceries away, they are organized and accessible.  This also helps to make sure you don’t “lose” food in the back of your pantry only to discover it after it expires.  With wine racks, can organizers, and spice racks available – we can help you reduce all the clutter in your pantry.

4.) Increase Home Value

Like all custom organization options, custom pantries when done right, can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to future buyers. Even if you have no plans on selling anytime soon, a custom pantry is a win-win – organization and flow for you now, and increased home value later.

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