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Anatomy of the Perfect Custom Closet

Whether your closet is a huge walk-in retreat, or a small space begging for a makeover, there are several elements that any good custom closet should achieve to help make your closet the closet of your dreams. At Zing’s we can help incorporate any of the elements you need to create the perfect space for your home.


The most important element of a custom closet is the storage that it provides. When designing a custom closet you want to maximize your storage potential, and this can be done in a number of ways.


Drawers are the perfect way to store sweaters and other clothing items that will become misshapen from hanging on a hanger. You can also store t-shirts, shorts, and other items that don’t need to take up your valuable hanging space.

High Racks and Low Racks

When choosing racks for your custom closet, you will want to make sure you have a variety of high racks and low racks. Some items like long dresses should be able to hang unimpeded by a lower rack. In areas where you do require a lower rack you can hang shirts and jackets on the top rack, and pants and other bottoms on the lower racks to give your closet a flow.

Shoe Shelves

Shoe shelves are an easy way to create stunning storage of your shoes that is practical, and visually appealing. As an added bonus, when your shoes are displayed it is easier to keep inventory of what you have and also easier to match them to outfits that you are coordinating.

Built-in Hamper

A built-in hamper can help you keep clothes off the floor and out of the way. You can build in multiple hampers to provide a space for you to sort laundry or store out of season items such as shoes, beach bags, hats, and other items you don’t need on display but that also don’t need to take up shelf space.

Jewelry Drawers

Jewelry Drawers are a safe way to store your jewelry without exposing it to oxidation or the risk of becoming entangled. You can also install locking drawers for your precious items safe storage.

Maximum Space

The goal of your custom closet should be to utilize the maximum amount of space possible so you have the most efficient closet you can.

Floor to Ceiling

Your closet should make the most of your vertical space, so you can capitalize on the empty space that is usually wasted with a traditional wire rack closet system. Placing storage spaces above your hanging clothes can help employ the empty overhead potential.

Pull Out Racks and Shelves

Shelves and racks that slide in and out enable you to store things back further on shelves, while still giving you the ease of accessing them quickly. This helps make sure you are maximizing the depth of your shelves. You can store things such as sweaters two or three deep, and not have to worry about undoing the forward facing clothes to reach the ones in the back.

Shopping Zone and Out of Sight Zone

The best custom closets have a well-planned out shopping zone, where the clothes and items that you wear most often are easily within reach, and uncluttered, much like a store in a shopping center. You should also plan for an out of sight zone. This helps you streamline what you want to display, while still providing you plenty of place for the things you don’t wish to have on display such as undergarments and workout clothing.

Telescoping Valet Rods

Your custom closet should work for you to make things easier in life. One thing that it can assist in is packing. With a telescoping valet rod, you can place garments you are thinking of packing within view and match shoes and accessories to them. The rod allows them to remain hanging up and in sight making it easier to find the right items to accompany them, without having to leave your closet.


The icing on the cake of a perfectly decorated custom closet is the details, the little things that make your closet shine.


Strategically placed lighting can help illuminate your closet providing an appealing aesthetic, but also provides a functional component. Smaller closets, as well as tight corners can benefit from well-placed lighting to help you navigate the area. Illuminated drawers and wardrobe areas create a similar vibe to a refrigerator illuminating your clothing to help you find what you need.


Your custom closet should be an extension of your home – functional, yet beautiful. The details in here should be just as important as the details in your other rooms. There are a variety of finishes and styles of hardware from oil rubbed bronze to chrome, you can find the perfect solution for your home.

Wood Types

Much like your hardware, your wood should be customized to fit your design style. At Zinga’s we offer quality real wood products, in a variety of finishes, that will withstand the test of time. There are several big box stores that offer a closet system for less, but they sacrifice the quality of the materials, so you will be replacing them sooner than later. A quality custom closet that is made with top-notch materials can actually improve the value of your home, and remain functional for many years to come.

Drawer and Shelf Dividers

Drawer and shelf dividers help add another element of organization to your closet. You can divide larger drawers to hold multiple rows of sweaters, t-shirts, workout clothes, or any other items in your wardrobe that don’t need to hang, but still need to be organized. Smaller jewelry drawers also benefit from dividers to keep all of your items separated to prevent tangling.

Whatever the size of your closet, Zinga’s can help you maximize your space to provide a beautiful and functional closet that will serve your needs for years to come!

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