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An added level of security with Shutters

Plantation shutters are an investment in both the decor of your home as well as its security. Unlike curtains, plantation shutters serve several other purposes and can be easily adjusted to control both light and visibility. By choosing this type of shutter, you are actually adding an additional level of security to your home, all the while increasing your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Limited Visibility

When plantation shutters are open, individuals who are outside looking in have an unobstructed view of what’s inside your home. When you shut them, you can adjust the louvre panels and limit what can be seen from outside. Depending on the angle of the louvre panel, you can see outside, while preventing anyone from looking into your home. It’s important to remember that a downward angle facing in will allow for a better view of your home. Angling the louvre panel upward limits an intruder’s view. By maneuvering the louvre panels, you can also adjust how much light you allow into your home.

Obstructs Entry When Latched

Plantation shutters are extremely durable and, when latched closed, prove to be a strong barrier against unwanted intruders. Many intruders will avoid attempting to go through a window that is covered with a plantation shutter, simply because they can’t see what is on the other side and are unaware of how sturdy the shutter actually is. If you plan on purchasing plantation shutters for your home, choose ones that are well crafted and constructed of the sturdiest materials, like ones by Zinga’s.

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the best features of a plantation shutter is its aesthetic value. Shutters can come in a variety of colors and can be manufactured to fit almost any size window. They offer a uniformity that isn’t possible when cloth curtains or blinds are used. From the outside of the home, the visual appeal of plantation shutters makes them an excellent choice for anyone who is ready to put their home on the real estate market. When viewed from the inside of the home, they can be used with or without curtains, offering a rustic, more natural look. Making sure your home is secure is extremely important. Being able to add that extra level of security while improving the overall appearance of your home is a bonus. Plantation shutters provide the best of both worlds and give you a sense of security that you won’t get from Venetian blinds or regular curtains. Protect your home by having plantation shutters installed on every window in your home. You will be able to control both light and visible access to your home with one smooth movement and still maintain a uniform, well-kept appearance both inside and out.

Shutters in Indianapolis

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