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Add Value to Your Home at Any Budget

Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, or want to update your current home to reflect a more modern style, check out our tips to update your home while adding value at any budget.

1. Landscaping

plant a tree

$ Plant a Tree
The single best investment when updating your landscaping is adding a tree.  Mature trees can increase a property’s value by as much as 20%

$$ Add Low Maintenance Beds
If you’ve got additional funds, low maintenance landscape beds add instant curb appeal to your home.  Make sure to clearly define the space with some type of border, and replace mulch each year, to keep them looking pristine.

$$$ Build a Deck/Pergola
For those with extra money to spend, adding a deck, patio, or pergola to an existing patio is the way to go.  Creating a beautiful outdoor space will pay off both by giving your family a place to enjoy the outdoors now, and by netting you a healthy return later.

2. Kitchen

kitchen 3
kitchen 2

$ Replace Cabinet Hardware
Just as clothing and hair trends change throughout the year so do home decorating trends as we all know. Simply updating to kitchen hardware to reflect the current minimalist trend – simple, clean lines in matte black are especially big for 2021 – can net a healthy return.

$$ Paint Cabinets
Homes with two toned cabinets – that is white upper cabineta and dark or colored lower cabinets – netted sellers an average for $1500 in 2020. The trend seems likely to stay for the next couple years. If you are going to paint cabinets yourself, take your time and follow all necessary steps such as sanding, and taping off edges. Sloppy paint work on cabinetry is very easy to spot.

$$$ Replace Countertops
If you’ve got dark countertops or laminate left from years past, replacing your counter tops with a more on trend material can net you an 80% return on investment.

3. Bathroom


$ Add a More Modern Faucet
If you feel confident enough to watch a YouTube video and DIYing it, replacing bathroom faucets can be a pretty easy fix that will make your home look much more current.

$$ Update Vanities
Some bathrooms may require more than a simple hardware/faucet tune up. If you find your bathroom is looking dated and blah replacing the vanity might be the solution. You can get creative and think outside the box, beautiful furniture pieces can easily be turned into a new vanity by adding a solid top with a sink and holes in the back for plumbing.

$$$ Replace Dated Tile
Tile trends have changed over the years, and you may find yours is starting to look more 90’s that 2021 chic. Bathroom tile replacement might range from simply updating the shower tile to completely replacing all of the flooring. Look into white subway tile for a timeless look or a bold mosaic for the currently trending modern art deco style.

4. Window Treatments

$ Add Shades
Bare windows are a bummer, potential buyer will want to make sure there is something in the window to help maintain privacy. Popular choices for 2021 include top down bottom up shades or roman shades. For a little extra money, you can motorize your shades – adding more bang for your buck.

$$ Outfit Windows with Faux Wood Blinds
For the classic and classy look of plantation shutters without the price tag consider faux wood blinds. They offer the same clean cut straight lines as shutters for a fraction of the cost. Faux wood blinds are also less prone to warping, and at Zinga’s our blinds all come with a lifetime guarantee.

$$$ Plantation Shutters
One of the most popular window treatments for 2021 is planation shutters. These shutters are great for maintaining privacy while letting in natural light. They also create an insulating effect that can save you on both your heating and cooling bills.

5. General


$ Touch Up Paint
Nothing makes a room feel fresher than a new coat of paint. Whether you are touching up areas that are faded or stained from handprints or brightening up your walls with a brand-new color, painting over dingy walls gives your home an instant face lift.

$$ Replace Lighting
Outdated or builder grade lighting is a quick way to cheapen the look of your home. For the cost of the light fixtures and an electrician you can bring your home straight into 2021 with on trend lighting such as matte black pieces and modern minimalist glass ones.

$$$ Get New Carpet
Years of walking on the same carpet is guaranteed to wear a path in the most high traffic areas in your home. Finding a low profile carpet can help slow the wearing down process, but carpet will definitely need to be replaced after a few years.

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