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2020 Window Covering Trends

Bright Colors


2020 Sees the emergence of bright colors in decorating, while neutrals – whites, grays, and tans start to fade into the background.  The white walls of 2019 are the perfect compliment to bright fun shades, drapes, and shutters.  Simply updating your window treatments can bring a whole new feeling to any room in your house.

Contrasting Colors


Continuing to play with color, another big trend in window coverings this year is contrasting colors.  Think dark shutters with white trim or bright white drapes in an otherwise dark room.  Another way to achieve this look, that is slightly more subtle, is to leave walls and window coverings white while painting only the trim a bright color.

Natural Materials


As words like climate change and environmentally friendly swirl around in today’s society, there has been a huge push to bring everything back to nature design-wise.  Natural shades like woven woods made of jute grass and bamboo, are an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside.

Child Safe


As a parent, or pet owner, you know nothing is more important than protecting your little ones.  Cord free options and smart cords that release once more than five pounds of pressure are applied are the perfect way to dress your windows while keep your babies and your furbabies safe.

No matter what your decorating style is, Zinga’s has the perfect window treatment option for you. We offer free in home estimates, and our design consultants bring samples of all the products to your home so you can find the best fit.

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