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Types of Window Coverings That Add Texture

Interior design and a home that’s put together is something that most strive for, but the amount of work that actually goes into creating a cohesive and beautiful space is a lot more difficult than you’d imagine. If not to have control of sunlight in a space, people wind up installing window coverings is to create a look within their space. That being said, the shopping process becomes even more difficult once the seemingly endless types of blinds to choose from start to pile up. If there’s a certain look that you’re going for, then it’s certainly easier to narrow down the options, but many times people aren’t even aware of what types of window coverings they can choose from.

Today we are going to cover window coverings that can provide you with a nice textured look, which is exceptional if you are having a tough time adding dimension to your space.

Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for a type of window treatment that is going to provide you with full coverage and add some texture to your home, then plantation shutters are a fantastic choice. These window treatments are a little bit thicker than other options, but they definitely provide plenty of texture and are one of the unique options that you can choose from when browsing all of the different window covering styles. You can count on this particular style providing you with high levels of efficiency and contributing to the overall feel of any room that you add them too.

Honeycomb Shades

These three-dimensional shades are a fantastic option when you’re looking for full coverage and a little bit of texture. What makes these shades so unique is that they do offer a ton of coverage, but the three-dimensional shape that they have creates a fold that is extremely noticeable and adds an incredible texture. This is something that other types of window treatments will not be able to provide you. These light window coverings are something that you will be glad you added to your home and are easy to match with whatever type of background you have.

Drapes & Curtains

For a flow that is soft and offers additional body to any room, you can pair your window treatments with a nice set of drapes. The bold and colorful designs on curtains is something that any room can benefit from and one that you will be glad you did. Because they come in so many different lengths and colors, it’s incredibly easy to find a pair that looks perfect with the rest of your interior design. You’ll also be able to choose what type of material you’d like for them to be made from, so there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to finding the perfect fit.

If you’re ready to add some window coverings to your home that offer a bunch of texture, reach out to Zinga’s Home Solutions today. We are more than willing to help you find the right texture, color and style so that you feel confident when they are installed in your space.