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Window Treatments for Sarasota Architecture

Sarasota, Florida is well known for the Sarasota School of Architecture and the beautiful homes on the sandy white beaches on the southwest coast of the state. The homes often have large windows to have a great view of the pristine blue waters and this also lets in a lot of hot afternoon sun from the same direction. Window treatments are often sought in this area to be energy efficient in the warm and humid subtropical climate, but the window shading of choice can also be quite beautiful at the same time.

Why Choose A Local Window Treatment Company?

When you choose a local window treatment company for custom window coverings, you get the added benefit of experienced personnel that knows exactly what the climate is like in your area and they can offer you the best solutions to all of your window treatment needs for your particular Sarasota architecture. Some products don’t hold up as well in the bright afternoon sunshine with very humid conditions for most of the year. That’s where Zinga’s comes in–to steer you in the right direction of quality products at good prices and to help you decide on long-lasting products for your area.

Energy Efficient Blinds

window blinds for Sarasota architecture

You can choose from several types of window blinds that are energy efficient and help to keep your home cooler in the late afternoon sunlight.

Cellular blinds are also called honeycomb blinds. They have tiny cells in between two layers of fabric that trap the hot air next to your windows and keep it from entering your home. This serves to keep your home much cooler in the afternoons so you consume less energy to cool it.

Custom insulated blinds work in the same manner as cellular blinds to keep your home cooler in the dog days of summer by blocking out the hot UV rays.

Vertical blinds are your best bet for your large windows and sliding glass doors. Custom vertical blinds can also be made from insulating materials for energy efficiency. Modern vertical blinds are made in several different colors to match your decor seamlessly and you also have a choice of the materials from which to choose to get the exact look that you want.

Stunning Fabric Shades

window shades for Sarasota architecture

Custom window shades are made from fabric and your choice of the thickness of the fabric also plays into the window insulation factor of the shades.

Cellular shades are very energy efficient because of their design. You have many choices in the types of shades for your Sarasota home. You can enjoy clean and crisp lines with a simple and minimalist roller shade or you may want to add some texture and interest to your windows with beautiful Roman shades that when open fold up at the top of the window in neat and tidy folds.

Woven wood shades work well with beach themes for a casual feel with the look of wood without the heaviness. The tighter the weave is, the more insulating woven wood shades are and we can even add an insulating liner to the rear of it for better energy efficiency as well without giving up the appearance you crave.

You can complement your modern Smart home by adding motorization to your window shades. They give you the ease of use and you can program them to open and close at specific times of the day and night. You can override the program by the simple touch of a button on a wall remote control or by using any smart device you have to give you lighting control at the tip of your fingers.

High-Performance Plantation Shutters

window shutters for Sarasota architecture

Instantly add an increased sense of style and elegance to your home with indoor plantation shutters. Faux wood shutters actually add more value to your home and they dress it up in a style that is everlasting. We can paint or stain your shutters in any color you wish and the finish highlights the beautiful wood grain in them so you can see the intricate details.

Faux wood shutters are made for the Sarasota climate of hot and humid weather. They are made of composite materials that appear exactly the same as hardwood, but they are made in such a manner that they won’t fade, yellow, chip, peel, crack or bow as real wood does when it’s constantly in humidity and bright light. You can also choose from several different mounting options that dictate how your shutters appear when they are open. A popular style is a tier-on-tier style with a set of two shutters at the top and bottom of the window that operates independently of each other. This gives you the ultimate lighting control because you can choose to open only half of them at once so you can still see outside, but the other half of the window will have the sunlight blocked out of it.

Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation for your window treatments in Sarasota. We offer the highest quality products you can find and guarantee them, plus you get the advantage of our expertise–and you get all of this at prices lower than big box stores.