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Find Window Treatments for Arched Windows in Indianapolis

Are you looking for window treatments for arched windows in Indianapolis? Our team at Zinga’s can help you go over all your options, allowing you to make a choice that fits your aesthetic preferences while offering you privacy and increased energy efficiency for your home.

Find out more about arched window treatments by calling us at 317-339-1166.

Learn About Arched Windows

What is an arched window? These windows generally have two sections: a rectangular bottom and a top that is either a half-circle or an arc. Architectural professionals also call these windows curved or radius windows.

Generally, they work very well to complement other window styles. They provide a striking visual focal point if you have a historical or modern home, often giving the property a timeless appeal. They allow in extra natural light, as well.

However, these windows do require unique window treatments due to their shape. Discover more about how to cover these windows with our team members.

Cellular Shades for Arched Windows

You may decide on cellular shades for your arched window in Indianapolis. Manufacturers can make you a cellular shade in any shape to fit any arch. These shades create pleats that spread out, providing you with a fan-like effect.

You can select different colors and types of fabric for cellular shades, giving you a lot of freedom to personalize your choice. You may even choose blackout fabric if you have an arched window in your bedroom and want to keep the light out.

Note that you usually cannot move or operate these shades. Therefore, once you place them in the window, they remain fixed in place.

Drapes for Arched Windows in Indianapolis

Draperies represent an excellent choice for window treatments for arched windows. They provide you with a traditional look, which often works well for arched windows. You have options for the placement of the drapery rod. Consider placing it:

  • Between your rectangular windows and the arched top section
  • Above the arch to drape the fabric over both window sections
  • To either side of the window to partially cover the panes of glass

Some property owners also purchase specially designed drapery rods that follow the shape of the arched window. These rods use a special kind of locked ring to keep the fabric from slipping out of position and provide a stunning look for your room.

Shutters for Your Arched Windows

Are you looking for an option that gives you a lot of structure and control over the amount of light that enters your room? You may want to consider shutters in this situation. Companies provide custom-made shutters that fit the shape of your arched windows perfectly.

Shutters come with several benefits. First, they increase the privacy of your home because when you close the slats, no one can see through them. They’re also easy to open if you want to allow full light into your room during daytime hours.

Finally, many property owners enjoy keeping the shutters closed but opening the slats to allow in some light while preserving their privacy.

Look Into Blinds for Your Arched Windows

You may decide to go with blinds for some arched windows. Generally, blinds only work well for the rectangular portion of the window because you cannot raise and lower them in an arched section.

You may mix and match the window treatments using blinds in the lower section and a drape or a cellular shade in the upper, arched portion. We’re happy to go over all of your options when you reach out to our team.

Consider Leaving Your Arched Window Open

Window treatments can make your arched windows stand out. However, some property owners appreciate the stunning beauty of an arched window as-is. You have the option to leave the window open, allowing light to flood into your home.

Speak to the Professionals About Arched Window Coverings

Are you looking for window treatments for arched windows in Indianapolis? Our team at Zinga’s Indianapolis can step in to help you find the option that works best for your home. We provide specialized care and make it easy to handle the installation. Find out more by calling us at 317-339-1166.