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What’s The Best Alternatives to Vertical Blinds – The Ultimate Guide

Vertical blinds are one of the most common window treatments in the nation. However, their bland and basic nature doesn’t appeal to many homeowners, causing them to seek out vertical blind alternatives that will increase their residence’s visual allure. The window treatment specialists at Zinga’s put together a brief guide to help you find the perfect vertical blind alternative for your home.

Zinga’s is one of Indianapolis, IN’s most trusted window treatment companies, with years of experience. We offer a wide range of blinds, shades, and shutters that help your home’s interior reach its true potential. Whether you want to upgrade your home with room darkening panel track blinds or just need help finding vertical blind alternatives, the Zinga’s team is here for you.

Vertical Blinds Alternatives

Blinds come in several shapes, sizes, and styles. They allow you to dress your windows and express yourself through interior design. Although vertical blinds block harsh UV rays and provide adequate shading, they rarely increase a home’s visual appeal.

Many people believe vertical blinds look cheap and outdated, not at all in style in this day and age. They come standard in many homes and often don’t match the interior’s aesthetic. That’s why most people replace vertical blinds with more appealing window coverings as soon as they move into a residence.

Below are some of the best alternatives to vertical blinds to enhance your home’s style while keeping blistering sun rays at bay. These more modern looks are sure to elevate your home’s look.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels, also known as panel tracks, can do wonders for sliding doors and large windows. They keep your home cool and shaded while keeping its interior incredibly stylish. Sliding panels come in several colors, textures, and sizes, making them a viable alternative to vertical blinds.

One of the best aspects of sliding panels is how they match nearly any interior style. From rustic living rooms to modern dens, sliding panels can take any room to the next level. You can even purchase natural woven wood sliding panels, giving you an environmentally friendly window treatment that matches your personal style.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most customizable window shade designs on the market today. They can breathe new life into even the drabbest rooms and come in hundreds of styles, colors, and fabrics. Some companies allow customers to design their own roller shades, giving you complete control over your window treatments.

Motorized roller shades are also available to homeowners looking for a more convenient vertical blind alternative. They enable you to open and close your window treatments with a touch of a button, giving you complete control without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Roman Shades

If you want a sophisticated alternative to vertical blinds, you may want to consider roman shades. Their elegant and versatile style makes them perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. They lie flat when lowered and fold neatly at the top of your window or door when raised.

Roman Shades also mesh well with other window treatments. Combining them with curtain panels, bamboo rollers, or another roman shade design can give your home a unique look that will fill your guests with envy.

Cordless Cellular Shades

One of the most significant drawbacks of vertical blinds is their control cord. They tangle easily and pose a health hazard to pets and young children. Cordless cellular shades provide just as much privacy as vertical blinds without the unsightly and potentially dangerous cord.

Cordless cellular shades allow you to adjust their position effortlessly and fit on nearly any window style. They are also thermally backed, keeping your home cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. Since cordless cellular shades prevent heat from entering your home, they allow you to save on your monthly utility bills, keeping more money in your pockets.

Bamboo Draperies

If you want an exotic vertical blind alternative, bamboo draperies are for you. They provide immense privacy while heightening your home’s style to the utmost degree. You can even customize them with blackout liners and other window treatment accessories to enhance light control and further their allure.

Bamboo draperies consist of several grommets that connect the window treatment to a rod, allowing you to control it effortlessly. They can take any game room, bar, or dining room to incredible new heights without burdening your finances.

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