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Differences Between a Motorized vs. Automatic Window Screen System

We have all seen reports on the dangers of traditional blinds for children and pets. Although inexpensive and available in many options, traditional blinds are unsafe and provide less control over lighting and privacy in our homes.

When considering whether and how to upgrade to a motorized window screen or shade system that offers the power you need, let the blinds, shutters, and screens professionals at Zinga’s guide you through the differences between a motorized vs automated window screen system.


Motorized window screens are a modern screen system powered by a remote control, wall switch, or push-button. They require no cords or strings but are user-initiated. They are an excellent option if you do not have a smart home system and aren’t in a rush to get one.

A motorized window screen raises and lowers while rotating the shades to let in different amounts of light. Motorized screens are programmable for automatic weather, season, or mood changes. They protect against the weather and maintain cooler temperatures to save you money. They also provide natural light without compromising the view.


An automated system operates by a battery or remote but can integrate into your smart home system via a smart hub to offer endless programming options. Compatibility with smart systems varies depending on the brand used; however, automated screen systems are a natural fit for anyone who already has a smart home system or plans to upgrade to one soon.

Smart control of window screens is a natural progression from automated lights, thermostats, door locks, and doorbell cameras. Homeowners looking to upgrade can start with one or two screens, then add more as needed with little extra cost or technical requirements.

While an automated system is operable by remote control, integration with your home’s smart system means that you can also control the screen system from wherever you access your tablet or smartphone app. This integration provides an almost endless number of programming options.

Automation gives you more functionality and control over your window system than a motorized option. For frequent travelers, automatic screen systems allow windows to be controlled on a set timer or follow sunrise and sunset schedules to indicate that someone is in the home. Smart controls let you operate windows and blinds even when your hands may be full with kids and pets.

Importantly, if you already have a smart home system, automation can function better than motorized with less effort and almost no additional costs.

Motorized vs Automated Window Screen

A motorized window screen system is likely to be cheaper than an automated one and, while you may still need to call a professional for mechanical failures, repairs are likely more affordable as well. The downside is that a motorized remote or push-button screen system is not as customizable as an automated one.

If integrated into your smart home system, the downside to an automated system is that it requires electricity and can have network issues. The system is only as good as your internet connectivity. If you have a slow internet connection or lag from multiple users and platforms consistently online, then the odds are that an automated window system will not run optimally.

Automated systems are also more costly up front than motorized systems. Any breakdown will likely result in expensive technician maintenance.

Comparing with Standard Screens or Shades

Motorized and automatic window screens are better than standard screens options for dealing with hard-to-reach windows. They are great for windows of unusual height or width because they can be customized and controlled remotely. Additionally, they are controllable by anyone with mobility issues.

Motorized and automatic window screens last as long as standard screens; however, how often you adjust the screens can affect the longevity. The motors are designed to operate quietly, and modernization of a window blind system can add value to a home because it increases comfort and efficiency.

Make a Choice to Modernize

Many homeowners believe that this type of modernization is not possible in their homes or, if possible, more costly than it would be worth. However, this does not have to be the case. A professional consultation can help navigate the available options while maintaining the beautiful appearance of your home.

Whether you decide to go with a motorized window screen or an automated one, an updated screen system is customizable and elegant. The professionals at Zinga’s are available to provide customized top-of-the-line products and services. Zinga’s understands how to combine technology and style to design a system that best complements your home.

It is possible to modify current window screen systems to include modern features; however, if you are ready to upgrade but have questions regarding motorized vs. automatic window screen systems, contact Zinga’s today.