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7 Best Living Room Window Treatments

Many homeowners think that the best way to make a living room come to life is with the furniture, rugs, or accessories in the room. These items can make a statement but think about your window treatments in your Sarasota home for a change instead. You can really make a focal point in any room with how you dress your windows. Larger windows do have a bigger impact, but so do smaller windows in specialty shapes that give your home character.

In this article, we give you some of the best ideas for living room window treatments to make your living room come to life!

1. Tie it in With Trim

If you have a solid color drapery panel in a color you love, you may get tired of it after quite some time because it is lackluster. One great way to dress up drapery panels is with colorful trim in a coordinating pattern to accent other colors in your living room. Designers often add a printed or bold colored trim to the bottom of drapery panels or sometimes to the edges of them. It serves to brighten up your room instantly.

2. Customized Window Blinds

mini blinds with drapery

Plain aluminum window blinds can be a bit boring and look dated. You can customize window blinds by adhering any fabric of your choice onto the vanes to dress them up and make them lively. A solid and vibrant color works well to add a pop of color to your living room and give it some life.

3. Mix and Match Window Treatments

No longer do you need to have the same exact window treatments in every room of your home or even the same identical ones in one room. If you happen to have windows adjacent to each other, you can use one type of window treatment in the windows on one wall and another in the windows on the adjacent wall. This works especially well if you get a lot of sun in one set of windows and not so much in the other. You can use a roller shade in the windows that get ample light and sheer drapery panels in the others that get little sunlight. This mixing and matching gives your room personality and looks great as long as the shades and the drapery panels are in coordinating colors. Often the window shade is a pattern that can be as lively as you wish and the sheer panels would reflect a solid matching color. Make certain that both window treatments are hung at the same level on the wall so it doesn’t look mismatched.

4. Pump it up with a Pattern

Custom draperies allow you full rein to choose exactly what you wish. There are literally thousands of colors and patterns when it comes to fabric and many patterns will have some of your accent colors in your living room. Simply having drapery panels that have a bright and beautiful pattern in them can really dress up your living room.

5. Trickery in Proportions

You can add a huge sense of grandeur to your windows in your living room by placing your drapery panels in a different area other than just over the top of your windows. When you move the drapery rod to the top of the wall above a window, it makes your windows and your entire room look taller when the drapery is closed. You can also extend the width several inches out from the window on each side to make the window also appear wider than it is at the same time. Make sure that your drapery is floor length to get the full effect of the style.

6. Formalize the Top

Drapery panels with the addition of a formal patterned valance or cornice can really dress up a room. This works best if your top treatment of choice has a scalloped style to it rather than just being straight across horizontally at the bottom of it. You can also add any type of embellishments your wish for even more class and vibrant such as metallic medallions, tassels, trim, or buttons.

7. Bring on the Layers

Layering your window treatments can really make a room shine. Your first layer can be a hard or soft window treatment. Hard window treatments are blinds, shades, and shutters, which are made of wood or vinyl. Soft window treatments are any type of fabric such as sheers, drapes, swags, curtains, valances, and roman shades.

If you get a lot of sunshine in your living room windows, you can start with a hard window treatment that will help to keep the harsh sun’s rays out and keep the heat out as well all while saving you on your energy costs to cool your home. If you don’t get a lot of sunshine and heat in your living room, you can opt for sheer drapery as your first layer and most likely in a solid color.

For your second layer, add a soft window treatment, such as drapery panels in a beautiful print that coordinates with your living room scheme and decor and complements the color of the sheer panels.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, add a pair of side panels to your windows and a valance or cornice to the top of your windows. These items can let all of your creative juices flow as you choose from so many different weights, textures, colors, and patterns of fabric. You may not want to mix too many patterns together though because it can begin to look too busy and won’t look too good, but you can mix it up some.

When you are updating your living room to exhibit your own sense of personality and style, don’t be afraid to try some bright colors or patterns. They can really add a lot of character to your spaces.