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Fun, Unexpected Things to Do in Indiana

Even if you’ve lived in Indiana your entire life, there are bound to be things you haven’t seen or done.  Check out the items on our list, and if you haven’t crossed them off before add them to your list for a fun way to spend your day or night.


1. Jug Rock – Shoals, IN


The largest free-standing table rock east of the Mississippi River is located right here in Indiana. This natural sandstone rock formation is a beautiful sight standing at a little over 60 feet high. Estimated at over 200 million years old, the Jug Rock is a must see in Indiana.


2. Hall of Heroes – Elkhart, IN


The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum is the only superhero and comic book museum in the world! Featuring a replica of the bat cave, toys, movie props and even more – old and young alike will enjoy the trip through this real-life Hall of Justice.


3. Granny’s Cookie Jar and Ice Cream – Metamora, IN


Granny’s Cookie Jar is a collection of over 2,000 cookie jars and salt and peppers shakers in a variety of sizes and themes.  Explore the eclectic collection, and then stop in the gift shop for some delicious homemade ice cream served up in a handmade waffle cone.


4. White Rock Quarry Park – St. Paul, IN


While Indiana, a hot bed of limestone reserves, is dotted with quarries from top to bottom the general public is not allowed to enter most of them.  Enter White Rock Quarry park. Now that the quarry is out of usable limestone it has been filled with water and turned into the main attraction in White Rock Park. Diving platforms, ziplines, and a large swimming area make this the ideal place to spend a summer day.


5. Exotic Feline Rescue Center – Center Point, IN


One of the largest feline rescue centers in America is located right here in Indiana.  The Exotic Feline Rescue Center provides a home for big cats that have been abused, abandoned, or have been rescued from illegal breeders.  The rescue features tigers, lions, pumas, cougars, leopards, lynx, and many other species of large cats. With both daytime and overnight visiting options, you are sure to have a great time at the rescue.


6. Wolf Park Wolf Rescue – Lafayette, IN


If you’re a big fan of animals, after you check out the Exotic Feline Rescue, you’ll want to make sure to plan a day trip to the Wolf Park Rescue. Featuring wolves, foxes, coyotes and bison, a guided tour around this park will give you an up close and personal look at some of Indiana’s own species of domestic animals.