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How to Clean Wooden Blinds Effectively

Wooden blinds are a popular window covering in the Indianapolis area. They provide you with a stunning aesthetic touch, offer you privacy, and help control the temperatures in your home. However, they do require regular upkeep to stay in good condition.

Are you wondering how to clean wooden blinds to keep them looking great? Our team at Zinga’s can step in to help you go over the best steps to handle the cleaning process. Get more in-depth instructions by calling us at 317-339-1166.

First Find Out What Kind of Blinds You Have

Before you begin the cleaning process, it’s essential to take the time to determine what type of blinds you have. Some property owners have real wooden blinds, while others have faux wood blinds. In many cases, it’s hard to tell these options apart by sight.

However, faux wood and natural wood require different cleaning strategies. You may identify natural wood by its irregular grain patterns, which vary in color and design for each blind. Faux wood blinds usually have repetitive grain patterns on each slat.

You may also remember the type of blinds you bought when installing them in their house. If you feel unsure about the kind of blinds you have, feel free to reach out to the professionals for an assessment.

Steps to Clean Natural Wooden Blinds

Wondering how to clean wooden blinds? Let’s start by going over the restrictions for handling wooden blinds. You should not get your blinds wet if at all possible. Water can warp and damage the wood, ruining your blinds in some cases.

Instead, focus on dusting the blinds. Begin the process by choosing one of the following:

  • Feather duster
  • Soft cloth
  • Microfiber cloth or mitt

Once you have your cleaning tool, close the blinds. You want the slats to rest against the window, preferably as flat as you can get them. Wipe each slat from one end to the other before turning the slats to clean the other side.

In some cases, you may want to use a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment to clean your blinds. We recommend this step if you have a lot of pet dander or dust on the blinds. However, if you dust regularly, you likely do not need to take this step.

Consider Conditioning Your Wooden Blinds

You may want to condition your wooden blinds if they get a lot of sunlight or if you have low humidity levels in your home. Exposure to these conditions can ruin the finish of your blinds, causing them to fade.

You can address this issue by using a dry cloth to apply wood conditioner or lemon oil to the slats. Work on each slat individually, and do not get the conditioner on the hardware or cords. Taking these steps can help your blinds last longer.

Steps to Clean Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux wooden blinds require care to maintain the best possible appearance, as well. We recommend dusting them with a microfiber mitt or soft cloth weekly to keep them in good condition. If the blinds get dirty, you may want to use a cleaning solution to wipe them down.

You may use a mix of warm water and some liquid soap to clean faux wood blinds. Dip your microfiber towel into the mixture and wipe the blinds quickly, without soaking them with the mixture. You may also want to dry them with a separate microfiber cloth.

Some people use a disinfectant on faux wooden blinds, especially for blinds in the kitchen. A mix of vinegar and water should clean the blinds without causing damage, as long as you do not soak them with the mixture. Do not dip the blinds down into the solution, as this could cause the slats to warp.

Learn More About Caring for Wooden Blinds in Indianapolis

You can learn more about how to clean wooden blinds with our team at Zinga’s. We understand the importance of keeping your blinds in good condition here in Indianapolis and provide expert guidance on the subject.

You may also reach out to us if you want to update or replace the blinds in your home. Find out more about your options by calling us at (844) 494-6427.