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Ultimate Guide to Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized window blinds and shades can heighten any home’s visual appeal while providing residents with the utmost convenience. They enable homeowners to kick tangled sash cords to the curb by allowing them to open and close their window treatments with a flip of a switch. However, deciding what motorized window coverings work best for your home isn’t always easy.

Luckily, the experts at Zinga’s put together the ultimate guide to motorized window blinds and shades to help homeowners find the perfect electronic window coverings for their homes. Continue reading to learn more about motorized window treatments and how they can improve your home’s interior and overall visual appeal.

Motorized Window Treatment Types

Motorized window coverings come in numerous shapes, sizes, and styles. Some work best for overhead skylight windows, while others better suit large picture windowpanes. However, before committing to a specific motorized window treatment style, you must understand the different motor types and how they function.

Below are some of the most common motorized window treatment types.

Battery-Powered Motors

Battery-powered blinds and shades are some of the most convenient and visually stimulating electronic window coverings on the market today. Homeowners use a small remote to open and close motorized window treatments, allowing them to control their blinds and shades without leaving the comfort of their couches.

The only drawback of battery-powered shades and blinds is replacing the batteries every now and again. They require you to purchase new batteries every few months to ensure they function at their optimal efficiency levels. Some electronic window treatments take regular alkaline AAs, while others require lithium batteries.

Although replacing batteries is a pain, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience battery-powered window treatments provide.


Hardwired window coverings are more energy-efficient than battery-powered blinds and shades but require a nearby outlet to function correctly. Homeowners will also need to hire an electrician to install hardwired window treatments, making them a little bit more expensive. However, they require little to no maintenance once the electrician sets them up, making them ideal for less tech-savvy residences.


Solar-powered motorized window treatments are the most environmentally friendly option and function using natural sunlight. A tiny solar panel connects to the window covering’s motor, using sun rays as power sources.

DC Power Adapters

DC power adapters allow homeowners to electronically power their mechanical window treatments without requiring a close-by outlet. A long wire runs from the DC power adapter and connects to the window treatment’s lift mechanism and motor, allowing homeowners to open or close them with a press of a button.

The only downside is having to hide the wire. It’s tricky to mask and can sometimes stand out more than other motorized window treatment options.

Blinds vs. Shades

Many homeowners don’t know the difference between blinds and shades and use the two terms interchangeably. However, they are two individual window treatments that function differently.

Shades utilize a unique lift motor that allows homeowners to raise and lower the whole window covering after activation. Blinds, however, have multiple vanes or slats that open and close when the homeowner turns the motorized window treatment on.

Although motorized shades and blinds can increase a home’s visual appeal, each has its own allure. It’s up to the homeowner to decide which motorized window treatment option works best for their home.

Motorized Window Treatment Styles

Electronic window coverings come in numerous styles and match nearly any home’s décor. Many provide sophisticated, modern looks while others are more traditional.

Cellular shades: These honeycomb-shaped window coverings can take any contemporary home to the next level. Motorized cellular shades are one of the more affordable electronic window treatments and work great in living rooms, bedrooms, and studies.

  • Roman shades: Another popular motorized window covering option, Roman shades offer homeowners a more conventional look. They appear sleek and smooth when turned down and fold up nicely when pulled up. Electronic roman shades frequent several ultimate guides to motorized window blinds, making them a solid choice to novice motorized window treatment owners.


  • Roller shades: These simple yet elegant motorized shades come in numerous colors, patterns, and textures, allowing them to match any homeowner’s personal style. They conveniently roll up with a flip of a switch and provide sufficient shade when things get too bright.


  • Pleated shades: Pleated shades are another budget-friendly window treatment option that can elevate any room’s style. Motorized pleated shades have a folded design that helps them stand out while adapting to both traditional and modern homes.


  • Electronic blinds: These motorized window coverings usually consist of numerous slats made from high-quality wood, aluminum, or faux wood. They allow homeowners to control how much light enters a room, giving them more control over shade than other motorized window treatment options.

Why Get Motorized Window Coverings?

Motorized blinds and shades make it easier and more convenient for homeowners to control their window treatments while enhancing their residence’s visual appeal. They last longer than most traditional window treatments and even reduce everyday wear and tear.

Electronic window coverings also operate quietly, allowing homeowners to open and close windows without disturbing other residents. Since most motorized blinds and shades operate silently and don’t have exposed motors, they don’t stand out from more traditional décor.

Some electronic window coverings link with smart devices like Google Home, giving residents complete control over their homes without using multiple gadgets or controllers. Homeowners can close blinds in one room while opening shades in another without leaving their favorite recliner.

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