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Contemporary vs. Modern: Which is the Best Design for Your Tampa Home?

Many homeowners believe that contemporary and modern interior design are the same thing–however they are not. It helps to know what type of decor to use in your home so that it can flow fluidly in one style, although some homes have their own individual style and don’t really fit into one type. Comparing the differences and similarities of each type of decor can help you to decide which of the two works best for your Tampa home.

What Is Contemporary Style?

contemporary style

Contemporary decor is “living in the moment,” meaning that it is whatever is in style at a certain point in time and it’s ever-evolving. Contemporary can also be eclectic because it takes inspiration from many different eras and it can also mix many of them together.

Contemporary furniture is more curvy than modern. It’s a blend of comfort and sophistication with a very fresh appearance and feels. Contemporary furnishings can include metals such as chrome, stainless steel, and nickel.

What Is Modern Style?

modern style

The modern style uses many earthy elements in the decor with simple and fuss-free products. The palette is mostly neutral with tans, browns, some green, and black. Modern styles in homes use monochromatic colors and fabrics without patterns that are usually set in mostly white rooms.

The modern style uses natural products such as stone, wood, and leather in them. Contemporary design does use these items also but they are paired with steel, concrete, and other industrial elements in the room. Modern homes have a set function for every piece in a room so that it has a distinct purpose, whereas contemporary focuses more on being warm and inviting.

Modern style is based on balance, clean lines, and minimalism. Most of the colors used are warm and natural with earthy hues of color. Modern colors that are popular include shades of brown, rust, green, and turquoise instead of the starkness of contemporary, which usually incorporates black, white and gray.

What are the Similarities of Contemporary and Modern Design?

Both design styles favor having clean and sleek lines for a simple and minimalist appearance with minimal aesthetics. The architectural designs of both are of timeless elegance and they both have an open space feel to them. The rooms are not cramped or crammed with knick-knacks or items that don’t have a purpose.

Both styles work very well in an open floor plan where the kitchen and dining room merge together or the living room merges with the kitchen for an airy and open feel in a home.

Neither of the two styles has highly ornate designs but they display an uncluttered and simple look without heavy appearing elements or ornate objects of any sort.

Both styles highlight furniture with bare legs and arms that are not covered in fabrics on the chairs, ottomans, and couches. Both styles also use reflective metal surfaces in the decor and they favor natural wood on end tables.

What are the Contemporary & Modern Window Treatments?

Both design styles use the same sort of window treatments to fit into their spacious open floor plans. Some of the most popular window treatments in Tampa for these two styles include real wood or faux wood blinds with a beautiful natural-looking stain on them.

Wood blinds pair nicely with an earthy feel in natural colors and materials. For the Tampa area, you should consider the faux wood blinds that are treated to stand up to the heat, humidity, and bright sunshine in Florida.

Drapery panels of lighter materials and solid colors will fit into a contemporary or modern home with ease. Using neutral colors will help you blend in all the other aesthetics of a room. You can consider drapery panels with a grommet top in a bright and reflective metallic color to add a bit of shine to your home.

Roller shades are very minimalist and display clean and straight lines because they mount inside of the window frame. Choose a neutral solid color to go with any other accessories in your rooms.

Woven wood shades also pair well with contemporary and modern decor in a home. They are considered a more relaxed and casual window treatment. The construction is woven bamboo and all-natural grasses that are sustainable in shades of brown and they may include some green fibers as well.

To answer your question of “Contemporary vs. modern: which is the best design for your Tampa home?” It’s entirely up to you as to which of these styles better suits your taste in decor. Both styles are pretty close to being alike in most manners and either of them works really great in an open floor plan, especially with several windows in each room of your home.