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Best Window Treatments for Coastal Living in Tampa

A home near the beach is a true delight for a tranquil lifestyle while watching the beautiful sunsets over the water. Many homes on the beach incorporate a coastal feel in their home decor with items such as seashells, driftwood, and in the colors of blue and white with pops of accent colors in each room. Your window treatments play a large part in your home decor as well because they anchor a room while preserving your view, giving you privacy, and energy efficiency, and protecting your indoor furnishings from the heat and UV rays of the sun while also standing up to the extreme humidity and heat in Tampa. This seems like a tall order for one product, but modern window treatments in Tampa can give you all of these qualities.

Formal Faux Wood Shutters

coastal faux wood shutters

Any product that is made of hardwood won’t hold up well in the hot and humid climate on the coastline. You can instantly add a sense of formality to your coastal home with beautiful faux wood shutters. Faux wood shutters are made for hot and humid areas because they hold up very well to lots of sunshine and they won’t chip, peel, fade, warp or crack even when exposed to the bright sunlight on a daily basis.

You can go natural and have your faux wood shutters stained in a color to match other trim work in your home or you can have them painted in any color you wish to match your other decor. Achieve different appearances in plantation shutters by the manner they are mounted in your windows. You may decide on cafe shutters that only cover the bottom half of your windows for rooms that don’t get a lot of sunshine and heat. The tier-on-tier style is very popular for coastal properties because it includes a set of two shutters on the top half of the window and another set of two on the bottom half of the window. The beauty of this orientation is that they open and close independently from each other so you can open the bottom or top half only if you wish for great lighting control.

Wonderful Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are great coastal window treatments as well. They match your decor of any type very nicely in a casual and beachy theme. They are woven from all-natural bamboo and grasses in many different color combinations of nature with green, brown, and yellow shades. When your woven wood shades are closed, you can see tiny pinholes of light in them that dance on your walls at night to create a neat lighting effect, but they also preserve your privacy at the same time. You can also add some beautiful trim tape to the bottom of woven wood shades to add a pop of bright color or a classy pattern to your coastal window treatment ideas.

Fabulous Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds also look great and perform very well in Florida’s hot and humid area. They appear the same as hardwood blinds but are treated to last much longer in this climate. You may choose any color of stain or paint for the finishing touches on your faux wood blinds so they can be coordinated with any other furnishings in your home that you wish to highlight.

The modern versions are cordless blinds, so they are entirely safe for small children and pets without harming them. Cordless versions look much nicer and streamlined because there are no dangling cords, and the blinds open levelly, so one side of the blind is not higher than the other. You grasp the bottom rail of the blinds in the middle and gently raise or lower them to open and close your blinds quickly and fluidly.

Lovely Layered Drapery Panels

coastal drapery panels

Layering drapery panels give you more functionality than if you use only one product for your coastal window treatments. You can start with a sheer panel next to the window and then add heavier drapery panels on the front of the sheers. This lets you keep both closed when it’s hot and the sun is out to block it from your home. If you wish, you can open the heavy drapery panels and still see the beautiful views out your windows through the sheer panels. Opening both sets of drapes gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery on a nice day.

Your coastal-themed window treatments give you many different choices, especially when you choose to layer draperies because of the thousands of options in materials, weights, colors, and patterns available to you and many different styles.