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Window Covering Motorization

There are several benefits to window covering motorization, and now with smart home device integration controlling your windows is easier than ever.  Combined with multiple power options, including solar power, you can get a look you want that is easily controlled by you and powered however you wish.


1. Visual Appeal

With motorization there is no need for cords, not only does this offer a more visually appealing look, it is also much safer for families with young children and curious pets.  The motors for these windows are carefully designed to blend in with your window coverings for a seamless look.

2. Hard to Reach Windows

Window Covering Motorization is especially important for hard to reach windows. Many houses have living spaces open to the second floor and windows in these spaces to allow natural light in, these windows are not easily manually operated thus making motorization key.

3. Comfort

We have all been sitting on the couch watching tv when the sun comes through the window at a certain angle rendering your tv unwatchable, or maybe you have been lying in bed and ready to close the shades, but your very comfortable.  With motorization its as simple as pushing a button, or with smart home integration using your voice to lower your shades.

4. Ease of Mind While Traveling

You can protect your home while traveling using window covering motorization.  You can set timers to have your window coverings raise and lower at different times of the day.  You can even set different windows to different timers to give the appearance of people moving in and out of rooms.

5. Protecting Your Furniture

Though natural sunlight is a wonderful feature in any house, the suns rays can fade carpet, rugs and furniture which is not so appealing.  With motorization you can program your window coverings to raise and lower with the sun, delaying furniture fading.

6. Smart Home Integration

Now you can control your window coverings with smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Home. This allows you to fully control your window coverings with just the sound of your voice, so raising and lowering them has never been easier. You can also download apps to your phone that your window coverings can be integrated into.  Now you can raise and lower your window coverings from anywhere with just the touch of a button on your phone!

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