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Why Choose Roller Shades?

Roller Shades are one of the most popular window coverings, and at Zinga’s we have several different options so you can choose the ones that fit your home perfectly.  With a variety of fabric, opacity, and style choices, read on to find out just how versatile and stylish roller shades can be!

Low-Profile Appearance

Roller shades, also known as solar shades, are popular due to both their versatility and modern, streamlined appearance. Many homeowners prefer window coverings that are simple in design and appearance and that serve to complement a room’s décor instead of being a major focal point.


Whether you prefer your shades to block out 99 percent of sunlight or you prefer your shades to preserve natural light while protecting your privacy, our selection of roller shades has you covered. We offer 34 colors of premium light filtering shades that are designed to preserve your view of the outside while minimizing outside views into your home, making them ideal for rooms in your home. We also offer black out and semi sheer options so you can completely control the amount of light you allow in.


We offer our roller shades with a cordless option to help keep both small children and your pets safe.  If you do opt for a cordless option, out cords are designed to open and release if they have more than 5 pounds of pressure placed on them, helping you keep your loved ones out of harms’ way.

Financially Beneficial

Roller Shades also help filter out harmful UV rays to protect both you, and your furniture, from unnecessary exposure. Simply raise them during the day to allow sunlight in to help heat your home and lower them when the sun’s rays are in a position to directly hit your furniture and rugs.  As an added benefit you can get your roller shades motorized and set them on a timer to move up and down automatically. As always, the process to purchase roller shades from Zinga’s is quick and simple.  Call us to schedule your free in-home estimate and we will bring our roller shades samples to your home.

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