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Spring Plants for Outdoors

April Showers bring May flowers! Now that the weather is finally turning, it is the perfect time to start thinking about what flowers and plants you are going to put in the ground this year to liven up your home, from spring bulbs to fruits and vegetables, use our guide to figure out the right time for all of your spring planting.

Fruits and Vegetables

Tomatoes – start growing indoors for transplanting outdoors in early May Peppers – get seedlings started indoors, can transplant once night temperatures reach 60 Cabbage – begin growing from seed indoors mid-April so it is ready for outdoor transplant in June. Carrots – plant seeds indoors now, and transplant outside in mid-May Lettuce – perfect for growing in spring, plant after last frost. Lettuce does best in spring Herbs – spring is the perfect time to begin moving herbs outside. They thrive as soon as the last frost passes.


Hellebore – the delicate blooms of the hellebore prefer shade and well-drained soil Bloodroot – given shade and well-drained soil, these white blooms will last all spring Snowdrop Anemone – these fragrant flowers prefer sun and well-drained soil Lilac – these iconic spring flowers thrive best in full sun with well-drained soil Acoma Iris – Iris’s reach their full potential when planted in places with lots of sun Grape Hyacinth – a well-known spring beauty, hyacinths can tolerate full or partial sun Winter Aconite – these pretty blooms work best in areas with sun and moist soil

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