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Spring Cleaning for Blinds & Shades

Wow! Can you believe it is already spring time again? And with spring comes cleaning the house from top to bottom. Once that beautiful sunshine beams through your windows you realize that your blinds and shutters need a thorough cleaning. No one really likes the task of cleaning the blinds or shutters, it can be time consuming. But if you are like most people, with spring comes allergies and with allergies comes doctors’ bills. However, not everybody knows that there are wrong ways cleaning your blinds and cleaning your shutters and there are proper ways to clean them without ruining them. Cleaning your shutters and cleaning your blinds can be tedious work but so worth it, because in the end you will be able to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset of Indianapolis. Tips for Cleaning Your Blinds and Shutters
  • Be sure to dust with your favorite furniture spray, (which will give them a nice shine and smell fresh) and take a vacuum to them during your routine cleaning. (this will make it easier on you to do a deeper clean once a year)
  • If you have metal horizontal blinds or blinds that may be made from wood, the best thing to clean them with is a spray that is made for dust on wood and an allergy reducing type spray. Be sure to dry your blinds so they will not attract more dust. A good suggestion for wiping down your blinds is to use a dryer sheet.
  • Shutters, they can be a pain to keep clean, but they are actually one of the easiest types of window dressing to keep clean. All you need is a washrag and some spray for wood cleaning and a little time in your day. Make sure you dust at least every other week or so, or as needed.
Do not get overwhelmed or discouraged thinking that cleaning your shutters and blinds are harder to clean than they actually are. Cleaning your shutters and blinds can be cleaned with just a few things that you already have around your home. The lists of things needed are as follows: vacuum cleaner, wood spray, rags, and dryer sheets, and a little of your time. Once you complete the task of cleaning your window dressings you will be able to enjoy the scenery in beautiful Indianapolis without worrying about that pesky dust ball in your line of sight.

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