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Best Window Treatments for a Dark Room Vibe

Large windows can be a natural and eco-friendly way to brighten up a room, but what do you do when that light becomes a problem? Is someone in your household suffering from migraines? Does glare prevent you from getting the most out of your entertainment center? Window treatments for room darkening could be the answer.

Shades and Blinds

Zinga’s – Blinds, Shutters, Shades offers a variety of blinds and shades to suit the shape and style of your windows, as well as the level of room darkening that you need.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are made of fabric that folds up when the shades are raised and lowered. They can be made of thick material to block out unwanted light.

Does your preferred light level change throughout the day? Combine room darkening fabrics with light filtering fabrics to control the light level in the room.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, use a distinctive design that consists of hexagonal tubes shaped like the cells of a honeycomb. As you raise the shades, the honeycomb shape flattens. The honeycomb shape is ideal for room darkening because light has to pass through two layers, the front and reverse sides of the honeycomb, before entering the room.

Roller Shades

Room Darkening Roller Shades are sturdy shades that wrap around the rod as you raise them. They are generally good insulators and keep light out well with a light darkening fabric.


Room Darkening Mini Blinds are made of lightweight aluminum and have thin slats. They are economical and can fit in shallow spaces.

Best Room Darkening Shades in Bedroom for a Peaceful Sleep

If you sleep during the day, or if streetlights and traffic keep you awake, window treatments for room darkening provide a tranquil and dim environment. You won’t have to deal with flashing signs or passing headlights any longer. Zinga’s – Blinds, Shutters, Shades offers a wide selection of window treatments for room darkening. We’ll help you find one that is perfect for your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Window treatments for room darkening block light from entering the room. This has the side benefit of preventing anyone from looking into your room from outside. With room darkening shades, you can control your privacy level.

Manual shades are typically more economical. Depending on the control type, they may offer more precision. Motorized shades require more upkeep in battery changes, keeping track of the remote control, and updating an app on your phone for smart shades.

When choosing between motorized or manual shades, consider your lifestyle. Are you or your guests able to get up easily to pull a cord? Do you have pets who could play with a cord or other manual control? Are you or your guests comfortable using a smart app to control the blinds?

As with many decisions regarding home furnishing, the choice is holistic and depends on how you plan to use them.

Do you need to lower light levels a little bit, or do you need complete darkness? Your choice of window materials and thickness should reflect the level of darkening that you need. The shades or blinds should be wider than the window to prevent light from coming in at the edges. Choose colors and styles that work for you aesthetically at all light levels.

Get Help from A Window Coverings Professional to Control Over Your Room Light Levels

At Zinga’s – Blinds, Shutters, Shades, we know that each of our customers is unique, which is why we stock so many different colors, styles, and types of window treatments for room darkening. We’ll find you the right room darkening shades for bedroom, living room, or media room remodeling projects. To find out more about your options, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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