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Enhance your outdoor experience with a retractable awning. Control your screens effortlessly with a hand-held remote or automation system.

Awnings for your home or business are a great investment in your property. They increase your property value, give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance and enable you to use your outdoor spaces in any type of weather all year round. Outdoor awnings over your spaces give you more livability and functionality of your home.

Awnings of all types give you a shady area to relax on the hot summer days and they can protect you from the wind and rain that occurs from storms rolling in. Not only do awnings make a great addition to have comfort all year round, but they save you a lot of money in your annual energy costs of heating and cooling your home as well–especially with a retractable awning. In the summer when you have your awning open, it shields your windows from the heat gain of the UV rays inside of your home, so you use less electricity to cool your home. In the winter, if you close a retractable awning on a sunny day, you will gain heat through your windows and need less energy to warm your home. Your new awning will pay for itself in a short time with all of your energy savings.

Zinga’s awning solutions can help you to find the best and highest quality awnings for your property. We are the premier awning company in Indianapolis, Nashville, Sarasota, and Tampa with 20 years of experience and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Awning Options Available at Zinga's

We have many different options in awnings from which to choose.

Why Choose Zinga's Professional Installers For Your Awning Needs?

Our professional awning installers at Zinga’s can help you with any awning needs that you may have for your home or your business. We offer our expert services to customers in Indianapolis, Nashville, and Sarasota for your convenience. You can trust that you will get the most durable and long-lasting products in awnings at a great price as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awnings

The costs vary greatly on awnings depending on the materials of either fabric or aluminum and the size. Custom-made awnings. We have competitive prices and we consistently beat the prices of awnings from a home improvement store and combine this with our expert installation as well.
The cost of installing an awning also depends on the size and fabric and if they are motorized and will need to be wired to the electricity in your home or business. Installation can range from around $100 to $400.
If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be able to install an awning yourself. However, you will need all the right equipment and tools and a helper that is quite knowledgeable as well.
Yes, awnings can hold snow. By using our reputable services in your area, we can calculate the strength of an awning needed to hold snow and ice, and wind on your particular awning.
Yes, awnings can withstand rain without any issues. However, a permanent awning that doesn’t retract can withstand only a certain amount of wind, depending on the materials it is made of. We also calculate rain falls in our customer’s area as well as sustained winds.
Absolutely they do. Installing an awning over a patio or windows that face south can save you 65% of the heat gain from the sun through those windows. With windows or a patio that faces west, you can reduce the heat gain by 75% from entering your home by installing an awning.

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